kefir grains in excess

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 04, 2012 at 3:44 PM

Question for HA How do you make your kefir to deliver so many excess grains? What is your technique.


Thank you.

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3 Answers


on August 31, 2012
at 03:05 PM

I learned the following method from The Kefir Lady. Note it's best to use room temp milk and not cold.

  • Take your grains and put them in a gallon jug.
  • Add 2 cups milk
  • Wait 12 - 24 hours.
  • Stir and Pour in 5 more cups of milk.
  • Wait 12 hours.
  • Stir and pour milk to within an inch of the top of your gallon jug.
  • Stir and let ferment until it thickens, about 24 hours.
  • Strain and reserve your grains in a clean jar. Your grains should triple in bulk.




on December 25, 2012
at 05:38 PM

Once my grains got healthy after being mailed to me (about 4 weeks) they began to double every week. Putting them in progressively larger amounts of milk shoul get them reproducing exponentially, but what are you going to do with all that kefir????


on July 06, 2012
at 12:19 AM

Sorry I'm new at this and haven't voted yet. I'll get it someday. But I notice a question about kefir grains. I'm not sure if you mean water kefir or dairy kefir, but I have water kefir grains. I think you are asking how to make them grow more. When I first got mine I had about a 1/4 cup. I placed them in mineral water (about 3 cups) with white sugar(about a 1/4 cup) and maple syrup (just a little maybe a teaspoon) and a tiny pinch of baking soda and a tiny pinch of sea salt. They really started to grow. I would take the grains out of that water in 2 days and put them in new water with some white sugar but I always added something like some maple syrup, molasses, organic brown sugar - something with minerals in it. The water that I took them out of I would then use to ferment my drink - I like apple and raisins or dried figs or ginger/lemon. I soon had so many grains I had to give some away. I also got tired of doing this so my grains took a break in the frig with these water solutions for a few weeks. Maybe they have slowed down! Also, there is less sugar when they have fermented the drink, but I'm sure there is some sugar left over. Don't know how this jives with paleo.

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