How many grains can one typically have before complications ensue?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 23, 2012 at 8:51 PM

I've been missing grains (and thus regular bowel movements since everyone needs fiber), and I've missed my morning roughage. Mmmmmm!!! I miss my Red River :) http://www.redriverus.com/ Like even my doctor recommended I reinclude them in my diet so I really don't understand here what the heck is so wrong with grains??????????????????

Like I'm on the brink now of just eating grains at every meal if someone doesn't give me some logical reasoning!!!



on December 23, 2012
at 10:15 PM

@jake, I think he's trying to be cute, but internet trolls are never cute...



on December 23, 2012
at 09:57 PM

why are you following a paleo diet, ObeseReese? nobody is hanging around here waiting to save you from grains, or some magical number of grains that you can't surpass. (actually, it's the internet, who knows...)

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4 Answers


on December 23, 2012
at 10:13 PM

Are you overweight? If so, that's probably a good marker of inflammation and reasons not to eat wheat. You may not be having regular bowel movements because of your diet right now. What does your paleo diet look like?



on December 23, 2012
at 10:04 PM

Logical reasoning: wheat belly.

Nobody cares if you eat grains every meal brah, your body...


on December 24, 2012
at 01:35 AM

I only need a minimal amount of gluten (residue from crackers on my hands) before I'll get a migraine. But everyone is different and YMMV. You didn't say why you are refraining from gluten, but if you're not gluten sensitive then why is this such an issue? As far as fiber goes, do you eat vegetables? Or have you tried Magnesium citrate? Both help with bowel issues.



on December 23, 2012
at 10:52 PM

Ever hear of vegetables?

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