Disappointing end to a great year/embarrassed I'm making "resolutions"

Answered on December 31, 2014
Created December 31, 2014 at 1:49 PM

So I went paleo about a year ago and have loved it. Ive lived by the 80/20 rule and it's worked well for me. I've felt better, slept better, discovered I'm not really a gassy person, and lost weight all the way to my optimum goal(not just the high point of my goal range). I even rediscovered how great real food taste. So keeping it brief, my year ended with a move:), a marriage :), and some major issues with one of my children:(. And then there's the holiday battle I succumbed to.  And I lost the war. So I'm defining my 2015 goals and would love to hear advice, support, and also some "come back" stories and how you managed. So here are my 2015 goals. 

1.  Paleo diet lifestyle  80/20 eating.  I know I can out eat my exercise so my diet has to be my main goal and focus.  STOP with the gluten.  It's making me sick and fat. I'm planning on going Nancy Reagan style and "just say no."  Reading Wheat Belly for motivation in January. I require the mind set of gluten is evil to stay away from it ;)

2.  Fitness!  my move took me states away from my beloved gym to a place where the gym 5 min away doesn't t offer classes that I love and an atmosphere that pushes me(ok, it's a ton of older retired folks-nice people, but seeing everyone lifting 2#wts and the classes geared for arthritis doesn't cut it for me)  so I'm committing to driving 30 min to the gym that has what I want(yoga, Pilates, Bodypump, HIIT classes, and all the weights a girl could dream of)  So my goal is workout there 3-4 times/week and just suck it up and deal with the drive.  A couple days a week I can run close to home.

3. Half marathon.  Maybe two.  Will be #5 for me.  No critics of chronic cardio please. I believe in doing exercise that you love and I enjoy running.  It's my Prozac baby. Already have one picked out end of March and have my training plan ready to go.

4. Dining out strategies please! Love being married but every time we go out for date night it's like a celebration.  Love the celebrating part but a big high calorie dinner(that I'm certain isn't paleo standards-its probably feed lot beef and farm raised crap food, not to mention it's probably all cooked in canola oil for crying out loud) and sharing a bottle of wine all the time needs to stop.  suggestions?

5. Weight loss.  So cliche I know.  But man I felt good at my optimum weight.  So specifically I'm going to,lose 10-12 pounds.

So these are a few of my Paleo goals  I have other goals like relationship things, reading certain books and budgeting but we won't go there.  Feel free to share your thoughts and your goals and strategies!

Here's to a great year in 2015!!



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on December 31, 2014
at 03:01 PM

Not sure that was a question :-) but a few tips...

If you completely quit gluten for a month or two, it actually becomes difficult to eat it, hence easy to avoid. To me now any kind of bread or pasta tastes kind of grainy and spongy, in a bad way, and absolutely wrecks my digestion. It is probably a bit like a vegetarian eating meat. So if you can be strict about it for a while it actually makes it easier.

For me personally wine and booze don't seem to cause any dietary or digestive problems. They probably keep my weight a little higher than it would otheriwse be but don't seem to wreck my system. This isn't an encouragement to go on a bender every night but having wine with food really improves your enjoyment and will keep you happier with your diet. Do you live to diet or diet to live?

For me, running is actually a formula for maintaining and gaining weight. The only thing for me that burns fat and keeps me lean is intense, strength based workouts and long walks. Do your marathons if it makes you happy and it is great cardio but it probably won't help with your weight loss goals.

good luck!

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