Is Kamucha okay to drink plenty of? Does it affect the glycemic index?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 28, 2012 at 9:50 PM

Kamucha mushroom needs sugar to ferment. Sometimes the store naught brand tastes too sweet. It says 0 grams of sugar and does not list sugar on the list of ingredients. I plan to make my own. I suppose raw sugar will be my best bet if I MUST use sugar in order to make it. I have been told the sugar doesn't reach the person drinking it. I just want to make sure!! Is it okay to have 3-6 cups a day?

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3 Answers



on July 28, 2012
at 10:07 PM

The SCOBY (mushroom) consumes most of the sugar. But if you allow it to ferment the sugar completely the brew will be like vinegar. So there is sugar in kombucha tea. how much depends on your preference. Use organic sugar (not raw) that is labeled as evaporated cane juice. Raw sugar is too difficult for the SCOBY to break down. I my opinion, 3-6 cups is unnecessary and possibly harmful, if even for the over-consumption of sugar.



on August 11, 2012
at 11:40 PM

I find Kombucha to be a great "in-theory" idea. However, unless you become very good at making it yourself, it's hard to really endorse some of the brands you find in stores. If you find one with a fairly low sugar content and without additives, you're still going to struggle to find one that really has an impact on gut flora. Most Kombucha's are very watered down and not nearly as good as home-fermentation or even store-bought fermented foods.


on July 28, 2012
at 11:21 PM

Kombucha should be a treat. I wouldn't drink it every day, and I definitely wouldn't drink 3-6 cups of it.....The second is okay to consume an entire bottle of wine a day, it will also be okay to drink 3-6 cups of Kombucha.

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