Will drinking 2 beers do damage to my gut?

Answered on May 26, 2015
Created August 20, 2014 at 11:36 AM

I drank 2 beers while walking 18 holes of golf yesterday. I did not feel any significant ill effects like I might after eating something like bread. This is after 2 years of gluten free and 5 months strict paleo.

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3 Answers


on May 26, 2015
at 01:44 PM

Never underestimate your ability to heal.

If anything, since alcohol is the byproduct of a fungus, as are antibiotics, your gut bacteria is more likely to be affected, I'd think. Fortunately, not even antibiotics can kill them all, so those that survive can evolve resistance and multiply. You're good to go. I'm not aware of any real benefit to consuming alcohol.




on August 20, 2014
at 02:48 PM

Was it cheap mass-produced beer (e.g. Budweiser)? Most of those beers are essentially gluten-free, testing below detectable limits for gluten proteins. Many celiacs can drink them without issue as well. You are obviously not celiac, so you're going to be fine. 

A healthy gut can handle gluten without issue. 



on August 20, 2014
at 02:16 PM

Probably not.  They might cause some minor damage that will be quickly healed, but repeated insults would of course cause more, chornic damage, and issues in the long run.

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