What to eat with tomato soup?

Answered on March 10, 2015
Created March 02, 2015 at 10:32 PM

I eat mostly-paleo due to gluten intolerance, but my boyfriend has no such problem.

I love making homemade tomato soup, but whenever I do, he gets excited and goes out to buy stuff to make grilled cheese sandwiches. In his mind, tomato soup is not complete without grilled cheese. Of course, who can resist a fresh-grilled sandwich when a handsome man is handing it to you? Screws me up every time.  As a result, I haven't done tomato soup in over a year, because I don't want the inevitable sandwich-hangover that comes with it.

What are some paleo-friendly accompaniments for tomato soup? Preferably, things that a non-paleo boyfriend would also be happy to eat.

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6 Answers


on March 10, 2015
at 12:40 PM

A slice of paleo inside-out bread would be perfect. Can't imbed a link here, but Google it. It contains cheese but that can be omitted if you prefer.



on March 06, 2015
at 12:11 AM

It goes nicely with a big green salad!

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on March 05, 2015
at 03:42 PM

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is an irresistable combo...maybe even a proof of the food reward theory...

Two ideas to take the bread out of the mix. Tomato soup is complemented by cheese alone, either broiled on top or served in pieces on the side. Adding rice to the soup might be something else to consider.


on March 05, 2015
at 03:26 PM

Tomato soup with cool cucumbers are super yummy. Lightly cooked zucchini or broccoli too.


on March 05, 2015
at 01:56 AM

Yesterday I made some cauliflower breads from a recipe that I can't link to (not active enough here), but the blog is called "Well and Good" and the recipe title is "Bread-free cauliflower grilled cheese". They taste awesome, and although I didn't get them to stick together well enough to be good hamburger buns, I think it's my technique and proportions, and making a grilled cheese with them would help 'em stick together better.



on March 03, 2015
at 12:49 PM

There are gluten free bread mixes available, the ones we use are for pizza, made from Tapioca flour.  You can find them on Amazon under the Chebe brand, for example.


Other ideas, maybe make plantain chips instead to go with tomato soup, or better yet, grassfed beef jerkey.

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