Panic attacks and gluten sensibility?

Answered on February 17, 2014
Created December 17, 2013 at 11:31 AM

Hi. I would like to tell you briefly my history. I begin to suffer of panic attacks e derealization three years ago. I suffer only on summer consecutivelly for 15 days on summer and then the syntomps disappear in a second. My girlfriend leaves me this summer because she was frightened about this things and i remain very disappointed because i didn't understand her behaviour and the fact that she has leaved me for this reason. But the question is this. Could it be a relationship between food and derealisation? Because when she leaved me on july i begin to eat in a paleo style, without diary, gluten, sugar foods and my strenght was great. I don't verified is there is a relationship with food because i should continue the paleo until summer to verify if there is a relationship. I've analyzied the situation with my psychologist and i'm trying to find a reason related to my problems but i'm a normal guy and when i speak with him i say to him that this panic attacks arrived with any reason, so i start to think about gluten sensibility. I don't have done blood test to verify if i have a gluten sensibility. Should I do?

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on February 17, 2014
at 09:17 AM

@andreaguidotti If any one eats in a manner that is not healthy, they compromise how their body works. There is a man called Jurriaan Plesman who has written about how drug addicts can be cured with a good diet as part of their therapy. Heres a link to a google search on him -


You are eating Paleo and had good results therefore you have proven that it works for you and really you don't need to have a gluten free test. For your own peace of mind however you could get a blood test which will show you if you have a gluten sensativity but it doesn't seem like you need it and your doctor will probably not believe the change in you is due to your diet changes.

I personally often over think issues when sometimes I just need to accept situations as fact; you may never find an answer but you don't have to hold your life back because of that. Its worked and thats good, so focus on your health and take every little good thing as a positive. This book is brilliant!

http://www.thetoolsbook.com/ and helps me with everyday situations that can be a bit daunting.

Best of luck.

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