Do you carry anything to take in case you ate something you are sensitive to?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 28, 2011 at 11:32 AM

Hmm, yesterday was at an event and they had gluten-free options. Apparently one of the sauces was mislabeled and I ate something with wheat flour. I keep NOW Super Enzymes and Betaine HCL in my purse for times when I eat something off, but I'm thinking maybe I need something more specific like Gluten Ease? Do any of you guys carry such things? What works best?



on March 28, 2011
at 07:11 PM

Lawsuit is game !



on March 28, 2011
at 04:26 PM

I'm considering this as well. I haven't bought the Gluten Ease yet since it seems pricey at around 30 cents per pill. But maybe it'll be worth it.

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4 Answers


on March 28, 2011
at 03:48 PM


Dr BG has a list of things that she has tried and recommends when traveling out of the country. GlutenEase is number 3 on the list. Just passing on the link as I have never tried any of them.



on March 28, 2011
at 12:03 PM

I like Source Naturals Essential Enzymes- I keep a baggie in my desk at work, and one in my purse (I need to get a proper pill case because I probably look like a drug dealer). The bottle says they help with digesting lactose and starches; I usually take them to ward off a glutening and they've worked great for me.



on March 28, 2011
at 04:28 PM

This is more of a planned cheat, but I am lactose intolerant and indulge about once or twice a month in significant quantity of ice cream (under the guise of using the calories to gain weight -- ha). I've found that Lactaid pills work somewhat, but the chewable kind work a LOT better for me. Small sample size, though, so I'm not confident in that observation quite yet.


on March 28, 2011
at 07:07 PM

I currently carry Lactaid pills in my wallet at all times. I don't need them for most cheese or yogurt, but a small ice cream cone, or a White Russian I definitely need them. I want to get my hands on Glutenease or Glutenzymes, and I'm looking into the Naturals Essential Enzymes that Jules recommends.

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