Where to Buy Ghee

Answered on July 25, 2014
Created July 23, 2014 at 7:03 AM

Would like to know if anyone out there has purchased Ghee online. If so, what company did you buy from and were you happy with the product.

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4 Answers


on July 25, 2014
at 02:35 PM

Thank you. Your right it would help to let people know I'm in Las Vegas. I appreciate your resonse.


on July 25, 2014
at 01:33 PM

You don't say where in the world you are, but in the UK there's no need to order it online —most of the large supermarkets sell it. Failing that, asian food stores always have it.


on July 23, 2014
at 01:13 PM

I saw it being sold in Whole Foods the other day, one brand was refrigerated by where they sell the butter and another one that was on the shelves by where they sell the oils, close to the coconut oil. They should still carry it. Super easy to make in the microwave by the way, in less than 2 minutes per pound of butter: http://breads-pies.qualitylivingstyles.com/ghee.ht...



on July 23, 2014
at 09:45 AM

I used to buy ghee from http://www.pureindianfoods.com/ it's good stuff, though expensive. However, since my local Costco started to carry Kerrygold, I just use that, and sometimes make my own ghee from it.

You can also find other ghees at amazon, and in some cases set it up for subscription delivery. For example this one's really tasty:


I think Trade Joe's has their own also, but I'm not sure whether it comes from grassfed cows, which is important if you want the Vitamin K and better fat profile.

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