Ghee without ethyl butyrate

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 07, 2012 at 9:36 AM

Have just run out of Khanum pure butter ghee without ethyl butyrate which cost 5.45 GBP for 500g tin. That is quite expensive and I can buy the ghee with ethyl butyrate (same brand, same size for 4.49 GBP). Is ethyl butyrate really bad news ? I've seen it used in many brands of ghee at 0.01% in a 500g tin.

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on June 07, 2012
at 09:48 AM

why don't you just make your own ghee from pastured butter?

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on June 07, 2012
at 09:50 AM

I've never run into ghee with that ingredient in the US Indian markets, and can't imagine why it would be added. If you can't find a brand without it make your own ghee. Very easy. http://jayakula.org/how-to-make-ghee/

Added: Not added for any of the content of that site other than the recipe.

Added: OK, just checked a bit and ethyl butyrate seems to be added to almost all UK ghee as a flavoring. I don't get it since there are a lot of complaints in forums about the flavor. Go with homemade ghee. The list of steps is long in that recipe (its very thorough) but it also is very easy.



on June 07, 2012
at 11:04 AM

Ethyl butryate is pretty harmless. Will break down in the body to ethanol and butyric acid. You know what ethanol is. Butyric acid is a short chain fatty acid, lots of people like short chain fatty acids. I wouldn't sweat it, except it sort of fruity in aroma, so I don't know what it would be added to ghee.


on September 26, 2013
at 10:59 AM


Hi just came across your question, I actually buy KTC brand pure butter ghee online from www.theasiancookshop.co.uk - this has no EB! They were very helpful as they have a good link with khanum ghee's manfacturers. They Explained EB is only added as it is favoured by Pakistani community for the smell it provides cooking! No other reason, that's why its such a small percentage.


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