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Answered on December 06, 2013
Created December 05, 2013 at 11:43 AM

Hi all, I am new to paleo, well on and off you could say...

Pretty much I have tried it, and liked it. But I think I would be going about it all wrong way, or just give it up etc

What I am after is more of guideline and advice from other experienced paleo enthusiast, providing me with guidance and direction in what to try, and what to look into and research myself please.

So, I am a busy small business owner who owns and operates in a landscaping business here in Australia. My day starts a six, start work at seven and will often work all the way through to five/six pm. My work is very physical, then I come home in the evenings and would love to have more energy to work out or chase other endeavours, however I am just too buggered!!

Plus lately, my business is suffering because I am just getting a little to much fatigued, and also, a little depressed too.

It is always so hard for me to get out of bed in the morning, and sometimes a little hard to get a sleep as well.

So my burning questions at first would be.

What foods/diet plan should I follow during the day to keep my energy up?

What should I eat during the evenings to help me recover during my sleep?

And, are there any foods I could eat to help promote happiness in myself?

Hope I am not being to greedy on my first post!? I will be open to all advice, and will log my progress on here to help others in future too!

Cheers all!

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on December 06, 2013
at 07:05 PM

as @samc says... your work is your workout. IMO the gym is for office workers, body builders, power lifters, other folks who like to lift for a hobby. Physically active people who 'move all day' and 'lift heavy things' have very little need for extra workouts.

When I had a different job... I was on my feet nearly all moving, I climbed, reached, lifted... at the end of the day I was tired, the last thing I wanted to go was "go for a run, walk or lift".

imo you've got the energy expenditure side of the equation handled....now just "clean up" the input side.

You don't have go Paleo all at once...take the easy shots first. No sugar, no bread, no pasta, no soda (regular or diet), no grains, no potatoes, no fruit juice. Pick one a week or one a month to eliminate.

REduce your carb input and boost your fat input to compensate....but do it gradually.

If you're tired & not sleeping well... you're probably not eating enough

I would suggest going back to eating what you ate when you felt better and THEN make adjustments. It took me nearly 7 months to go fully paleo but I knocked off the bread, pasta, grains, potatoes immediately. But I'm nowhere near as active as you.

The key is balancing energy w/ energy out AND 'eating clean".

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on December 06, 2013
at 04:06 AM

Your work is your workout. Don't expect to phys labor all day and then hit the gym. You should start tracking your food in paleotracker or cron o meter to see what percentage of protein/fat/carbs you are eating and then try to balance those in favor of your needs. Since you don't say what you are eating in a typical day it is hard to give you any tips.


on December 06, 2013
at 02:42 AM

Hey, Booma -

Opening a question like this will bring forth dozens of different answers. The best I can offer you, is my experience. Burning questions about your body and your lifestyle, can only be answered with time and experimentation.

Saving you all the war stories of gluteny, and the decade wrestling match with health advice, I'll let you know my journey started in a book. There are many great writers here on the web, and ones that are published that help springboard this approach you're seeking.

A foundation is key for any beginner. While I could attempt at answering your questions, and possibly be right on a few, it would be better in the long run for you to do some research and ask yourself what exactly you want, and what you're willing to do to get there.

Find some time, head over to your local bookstore, buy a book about the Paleo approach. Make sure it has a meal plan written into it, and get to work.

There are shortcuts.. This website is one of them. Unfortunately, it can get confusing real quick. Without knowledge of one's 'system', most of the information on here is speculatory, personal, and highly experimental. It's function is wonderful. I get to learn all sorts of facets and become inspired every day. But it is not the best place to start. As I mentioned.. I truly believe the best place for you to start, is a bookstore.

Please, please, keep us updated. But find a plan and stick with it until you have some data that we can work with. That is the best way we can help.

Feel free to message me if you need any further advice on literature, cravings, or other brand-new-at-this-fucking-thing questions..

All the best,


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