Getting back on paleo, any specific way I should do it?

Answered on October 08, 2013
Created October 08, 2013 at 4:58 AM

I was on Paleo and following it strictly for about two months. I got stitches in my hand, had McDonalds breakfast thrown in front of me, ate it and proceeded to have a HORRIBLE diet for the next nine days...It's been pretty bad. I'm going back on Paleo tomorrow and want to know if I should do something specific after nine days of unhealthy eating.

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3 Answers



on October 08, 2013
at 12:36 PM

Excuses, excuses. You won't succeed if a single MickeyDs meal throws you into a 9-day bender.

I'd recommend not going cold turkey, but rather adopt paleo habits gradually. As habits develop, you're less likely to jump ship for an egg Mcmuffin (which is hardly the worst breakfast ever, again, you were probably looking for an excuse for your behaviour).



on October 08, 2013
at 08:19 AM

1- just do it

2- otherwise, if you feel like you miss the junk food and crave for it and you normally do 3 meals/day: Replace one junky meal with a paleo one on day 1, two meals day 2, and the third day should be pure paleo

3- coffee+cream or coconut hot chocolate (see my answer for recipe here http://paleohacks.com/questions/219574/hello-coconut-milk-heavy-cream.html#answer-493297) for breakfast, then eat some good fatty food only when hungry again: some salmon + avocado + assorted veggies

** and don't forget to DRINK LOTS OF WATER

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on October 08, 2013
at 05:05 AM

Doesn't require anything special beyond dropping the bad and resuming the good.

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