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Commented on August 24, 2015
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3 Years dealing with GERD (Main Symptoms = Bloating//Burping nd Gas 24/7)

Age: 26 

Past digestive issues: Gallbladder removed in early 2014, and gastritis in 2013

Diet now: Primal/Paleo

Supplements: Zinc L-carosine, Magnesium 500mg, Vitamin D 5000 IU, Glutamine 15g, Probiotic 10Billion 2x Daily


Question: I started using HCL PEPSIN to help. And got a Heavy Feeling and Warm Sensation only after 1 pill but I heard it takes more. Is that normal?!??! should I just stick to 1 then? does that mean my GERD isn't that bad?

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on August 24, 2015
at 10:47 AM

The big problem I see is that you're taking HCL + Pepsin, but not oxbile.  When you lack a gallbladder, the biggest issue isn't necessarily low stomach acid (though that can be a problem as well), but rather, the bile you produce is routed to your gut and just drips slowly over time.


What's needed is bile in proportion to the fat content of the meal you're consuming.  Paleo, in general, should not be a low-fat diet, and should have a 1:1 ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 PUFAs, with the majority of fats being MUFA (Mono-unsaturated) and SFAs (Saturated Fatty Acids).  So that will mean avoiding all commercial seed/"vegetable" oils such as cottonseed, corn, soy, sunflower, canola.  Instead you'll want grassfed butter or ghee, lard from pastured pigs, tallow from grassfed cattle, extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, red palm oil, avocados and avocado oil, lots of egg yolks (and less egg whites.)

So since you lack a gallbladder, you could have bile reflux (if you ever went to sleep on an empty stomach and woke up to throw up a very bitter, bright yellowish liquid, that's bile reflux.)

But the key issue here is to take an enzyme supplement that contains oxbile (or at least something with lipase, though oxbile seems to be much, much better) before meals. 

I personally have no gall bladder, and instead of just taking Betaine HCL w/pepsin, I use Now Super Enzymes capsues which contain oxbile.  You could just take a pure oxbile supplement before fat containing meals as well.  I take 3-4 Now Super Enzyme caps before large meals, or if I don't have that, and I'm out, my alternative is one Nutricology Oxbile 500mg along with a Betaine HCL+Pepsin cap.

Now, if you happen to have hypochloridia (low stomach acid), betaine HCL will help with this, and this is usually beneficial, but it doesn't seem to be the root cause.

Folks who have had their gallbladders removed usually are also celiac, whether tested or not.  This seems to be one of the symptoms of the syndrome.  So unlike folks who are paleo 80% of the time, you'll likely need to be paleo 100% of the time and very careful to avoid gluten.  It's also highly likely that you have SIBO - this goes along with that syndrom, and also is hinted by the GERD, bloating, and burping.

If there's SIBO (or SIFO), there's an overgrowth of either bacteria or candida (a fungus) in the small intenstine, which starts eating some of your food before it's digested and will generate gas.  Gas generated in the small intestine will tend to build up pressure in the stomach which pushes its contents back up and you get reflux. (If the stomach acid is low, the LES will tend to open, which is why you've likely been told to use Betaine HCL with pepsin, which is good advice.  But you also need oxbile.)

You can get a lactulose test from your doctor to test for and confirm SIBO/SIFO, and then take a course of antibiotics to kill it off.

Another thing to look at is your tonuge, first thing in the morning.  Is it coated white, it could be only lightly, or it could be heavily coated, almost like cream cheese.  If that happens even after you brush your teeth and night, you may want to do an oil pull with some dark sesame oil.  (This is a symptom of candida overgrowth, and sesame oil can be used to kill it off or at least control it.)  (An oil pull is where you put a couple of teaspoons of oil in your mouth and sqish it around like you're using mouthwash, but for a long period, maybe 10-20minutes, and then spit it out in the trash, not down the drain as the oil will clog plumbing.)  You'd likely also want to use caprylic acid caps and coconut oil as well as maybe add a few teaspoons a day of dark sesame oil to food to help kill it off.

Once that's done, whether you've killed off the candida or the SIBO, you will also need to rebuild your gut flora, so loads of home made fermented foods, probiotics, and prebiotics.  see this website and all the related articles about this (the discussion in the comments are usually far more interesting that the actual articles, so be sure to read them too):  http://drbganimalpharm.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-cure-sibo-small-intestinal-bowel.html


There is a possibility that a lot of this syndrome has been caused by glyphosate (or not).  There's this paper that describes a lot of this: http://nhrighttoknowgmo.org/BreakingNews/Glyphosate_II_Samsel-Seneff.pdf


So tl;dr: get some oxbile, and take it along with the betaile HCL before each meal.  Start with that.  If you still have reflux symptoms, or burping/gas after meals, especially if they're carby, look to see if you've got SIBO/SIFO, get that treated.


on August 24, 2015
at 04:07 PM

Thanks so much for your response. Do I have to take Ox Bile with every fatty meal? Is there a certain amount of fat in "grams" of when I should take it?


My other question is... Do I have to take antibiotics to treat SIBO? or are there other treatments?

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