Stop Misusing The First Law of Thermodynamics

Asked on January 23, 2014
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I talked to the best of the best at M.I.T. The human body is an open , non - equilibrium dissipative system.

Most of the chemical energy ingested from the chemical bonds of our food is WASTED by the body- leaving it in the form of dissipated heat. We also POOP OUT energy- up to 9 % of total energy.

Energy was conserved. IT SIMPLY CHANGED FORMS... There is no problem here. People such as Lyle McCockle and James Krieger do not understand this.

The first law of thermodynamics SAYS NOTHING WHATSOEVER about the regulation/dysregulation of fat cells specifically, how they are governed or how they respond to signaling mechanisms.

Nor does the first law of thermodynamics address the innumerable INVOLUNTARY defensive systems and INVOLUNTARY biological compensatory mechanisms your body invokes EVEN after just 10 % of total body weight loss.

The chemo -mechanic efficiency in the muscles in an example. All of these negative effects persist the rest of your life as best scientists know. it is still going strong 8 years out even.

M.I.T. scientists ALL AGREE WITH GARY TAUBES' ASSESSMENT , NOT Colpo. This is a HUGE feather in Gary Taubes' cap.

Even "successful" gastric bypass patients are left obese still, despite 800 calories a day -1/3./ of what normal people can eat. They are smaller in overall mass and size. However, body fat percentage wise- they are very fat. They feel like pillows. A fatty piece of human meat. Fat cell regulation hypothesis could explain this- the overly simplistic and faulty caloric hypothesis fails . Fat is a genuine endocrine organ . It has a mind of its own. Dr. Rosenbaum has studied this extensively. The body has its own agenda. fat behaves like a tumor of sorts. Plenty of top Olympic and professional level endurance athletes , usually women, have opted for liposuctionto remove stubborn fat.

The overly simplistic caloric hypothesis by itself cannot explain body fat regulation which is exceedingly complicated.

Funny Analogy: If an alien ate humans :

Holyfield= large but lean. Holyfield has a lot of MASS but it a very lean piece of human meat- think London Broil.

Typical "successful" gastric bypass patient= very fat , but smaller to various degrees. Think salami.

It is not their fault. They are victims of the dogma.

Obesity is hellishly complex BIOCHEMICAL matter, NOT physics. The BEST actual physicists told me this specifically !

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