Is Ignitenaturals stuff Paleo approved?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 13, 2012 at 5:31 PM

Normally carry packets of Justin's Almond Butter on my long runs, but always interested in exploring other options. Not sure what some of these ingredients are and if they are paleo or not. Thanks! http://ignitenaturals.com/reload.php

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on September 13, 2012
at 06:00 PM

Well, the Paleo Approval Board of Trustees doesn't meet until next week, but let me take a look ...

Fig paste, natural weird isolated stuff, sea salt, and CoQ10.

No, it's not "paleo". It does look about about 10000x better than the "sports gels" you see out there (that are just corn syrup, more corn syrup, some corn sugar, and maltose).

I think, especially if you like a nice, long, zesty run now and again, that this product may serve you better than almond butter. An extremely fatty food is not going to help you avoid hitting "the wall" - i.e. transitioning from glucose burning to ketone burning (especially if you aren't regularly ketone burning adapted). That's why those mad-food-scientist sugar concoctions are so popular: they are delivering the glucose needed to avoid "the wall." So yeah, this stuff is better than that crap, but don't start to believe its paleo.

Why not see how far and fast you can run without reaching "the wall"? If you aren't LC/VLC paleo, there's no reason not to keep your glycogen stocked amply. If you're training or are an athlete, then I'd say don't worry about the paleoness, and use this food/sport product - it's seemingly better than the alternatives.

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