What to grow on 2 sqm garden?

Answered on January 10, 2014
Created January 09, 2014 at 2:56 PM

After moving, we got a 2sqm garden/bed :-) What vegetables to grow?

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4 Answers



on January 10, 2014
at 12:42 AM

It depends a lot on the zone. Here in frigid MI solanaceae do not produce much before getting killed. A couple square feet of garlic, I am afraid, is a dozen bulbs. I grow 300 for three families, and they all get eaten… plusses about herbs are that you get a lot of rare phytochemicals, and they are perennial. You can't beat that return on labor!



on January 09, 2014
at 10:21 PM

Herb garden might be the easy answer. What are the most nutrient dense foods you could grow? Greens come to mind, you can get quite a bit of lettuce in that space, it grows quick, grows when it's cool (spring, fall). Garlic doesn't take much room, a couple square feet of garlic will keep you set for a while. Peppers, hot or sweetl Lots of colors (phytonutrients!) and vitamin C.



on January 09, 2014
at 10:10 PM

without a doubt herbs. It is too small to do anything else, and 2sqm, properly tended, will satisfy all your herb needs. I have maybe 5 times that, with oregano, mint, lemon balm, chives, sage, fennel, and some chamomile and nettles, but I start my days with mint/lemon balm tea so I use a lot (and do not harvest it every year). Which ag. zone are you?

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