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Answered on November 29, 2013
Created November 29, 2013 at 9:46 PM

Hallo everyone,

I am a life long vegetarian (from the age of three after learning that meat came from animals and I freaked me out) and vegan of three years transitioning to being an omnivore for several reasons. Because I do not want to support factory farms in anyway and knowing from my animal right activist years that a lot of meat that is labelled organic or animal friendly is not animal friendly at all, I have been buying game meat (hunting season just now). However, it disgusts me!! The taste, the smell, it is repulsive to me; Bought deer couldn't eat it had to close me nose just to be able to sallow it; Today I bought wild boar; Taste was bit better but still unable to eat it !!! only taking about it makes me nauseas;

How can this be ? Is the meat that properly prepared by the hunters and gone bad ? Did I cook it the wrong way (I just baked it in the pan) ? Is my body not used to it after 20 years of vegetarianism ? I have been eating chicken once a week lately and I love that so way these meats ? Is it psychological, being uncomfortable with eating the animals ? I say movie of a little wild boar playing with a dog, maybe it reminded me to much of eating my dogs ? Anyone else has had this problem too ?

I put the cooked meat in the freezer; Any suggestions what to do with it ?

Thanks people

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on November 29, 2013
at 10:29 PM

i don't mind deer, but i can't do rabit. it is way too gamey for me.

can you get meat from a farm near you?? i order all my meat from a farm so i know the animals are raised happy and are fed good food. the flavor of the meat is way better than what i can get at the grocery store.

i was a vegan prior to paleo and at first, i cried when i ate meat. i would always thank the animal for giving me nourishment so i felt a little better about eating it. morally, it's been hard and if it wasn't for my deteriorating health, i would've stayed vegan. i can't deny how much stronger my body is since including meat in my diet again.

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