Dull ache on right side. Should i consider it being gallbladder?

Answered on August 21, 2013
Created August 06, 2013 at 7:50 PM

So this is something that's been on and off for about a month or more. I got a bit of gurgling on my right side when i started paleo. I put this down to my body adjusting to digesting fat. I bought some Ox bile to help with high fat meals.

It's much more noticeable when i over indulge on a cheat/treat day (have an issue with overeating when it comes to this). I felt quite queasy after eating a very high fat paleo meal with the mild ache a couple of weeks ago, had some ginger and it eased off. I take betaine hcl and eat some ginger before a meal to help with digestion which i think seems to help. Just wondering if this is a common thing for people trying to go to high fat low carb diets? My job involves a lot of lifting so there's a chance it could be muscular sometimes, but i want to be sure.

My stools tend to be fairly solid and normal unless i eat gluten. Sometimes they can be a bit softer if i've eaten a lot of fat. The pain is only mild and like an ache nearer to my back round the side, but sometimes closer in. I'm really not sure if i'm just worrying or if i should take some action.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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4 Answers



on August 21, 2013
at 10:40 AM

Gallbladder is in the right front side, not on the back, if you feel a pulsing kind of pain when you eat higher fat, then yes, that's what it is. Otherwise, it's something else.

The pulsing is a muscle that pushes bile out of the bladder so it can digest fats, and you'd feel it more when the bladder is empty.

To produce more bile you'd need to ingest more saturated fat which will be converted to cholesterol and then bile.

If you went from very low fat to high fat, you might have trouble with gallstones. Avoid getting your gallbladder removed, doctors are more than happy to administer that particular surgery, after which you'll really need digestive enzymes before every fat and protein containing meal.


on August 06, 2013
at 10:56 PM

I've had this before when I dropped my carbs real low (less then 25gs) a day and my fat was real high. Do you have any other symptoms like bloating, belching etc? Could be slight gastritis since you said you were taking HCL... How about a slight dull pain right behind the belly button? If you're laying on your right side does it feel like it's traveling. MY would go from my gallbladder to my lower back. Felt like air bubbles passing through.



on August 06, 2013
at 10:40 PM

May be a kidney problem. Keep an eye on your urine - if it's cloudy in the morning, consider a test for blood in urine (not always visible).

After 8 months of paleo I had right lower-back ache for a while, then one night I saw vampire-style blood in urine. Ran to the doctor next morning and was prescribed anti-biotics (probably pointless). Symptoms cleared after 2 weeks, but I still had problems over the next 6 months.

Next episode was less severe blood-wise, but the right lower-back ache felt like getting stabbed. I toughed that out, but the last episode hit the left lower-back, so I got full blood/sonic/CT tests - results showed no problems in bladder/kidney/liver. Surgeon had nothing to say.

My guess is small stones in both kidneys had dissolved on paleo/anti-inflam diet, to the point they passed as grit. But that's a happy GUESS - no conviction on what happened. It's over now after 19 months paleo.

The one lesson I'd take from that kind of pain: hydration. Drink plenty of water throughout the day - loading up on H2O in the morning and evening with nothing in between is good hydration, but not good enough.



on August 06, 2013
at 09:05 PM

Okay, so, guess what? Massive changes in diet tend to do weird things to your gut biota.


I thought it could be my gall bladder. I thought it could be my appendix. Nope. By all means, go get the stuff checked out, but you'll probably just get labeled with IBS. If that happens, look up FODMAPS. Oh, and if you find anything better to do, share. I can't tell you how sick and tired I am of not feeling as good as I look.

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