Trying to gain weight! Not sure if I should be paleo or eat oats?

Answered on October 13, 2013
Created October 13, 2013 at 9:59 PM

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to gain weight on paleo but everytime I go paleo I end up losing weight and end up going back to steel cut oats. Would I be better off with something like milk? I try to eat potatoes and coconut oil but steel cut oats seem to be great for mass gaining and keeping a lower BF%.

I have to run D1 cross country right now. Problem is when I'm eating oats I can perform and make okay gains in the gym and performance but I have allergies (under the eye cirlces) and lingering issues that I feel like paleo could help with.

Would I be better off eating some ice cream everyday on top of rice, potatoes, quinoa, etc? I've tried eating as much quinoa as oats but they don't get digested as well for me. I should also point out I've been eating steel cut oats that are gluten free.

I feel like I also have a less estrogenic fat storage pattern when I eat paleo (although my paleo consists of butter and cheese still).

I believe in Paleo, but I'm kinda torn. Everytime I go paleo I lose too much weight and freak out. I feel like oats are good to help with body composition but I'm not as gung ho on body composition anymore as I've had a great body but felt terrible at times on oats. Help please?

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on October 13, 2013
at 11:53 PM

I think there are other ways to boost calorie intake big time without going for grains. Nuts are an excellent high fat, high calorie option that aren't super filling (as opposed to, say, meat). Eat a spoonful of almond butter or coconut oil before or after your meals. If you feel starches help your performance, grab some bananas, plantains or sweet potatoes. I don't see why you see oats as your only option. Hell, make your own sweet potato fries (fried, not baked, for the extra oil). I'd love to have your issue :)



on October 13, 2013
at 10:18 PM

think you have to make up your own mind on this one, do what makes you healthy/happy. in general paleo views heavy cardio negatively aswell as grains, so asking for permission to do a second 'bad' thing to enable your first 'bad' thing is a strange question.

why you may feel bad on oats sometimes is that maybe oats get processed in the same place that other gluten containing grains are processed.(cross contaminated)(i assume)

im sure many here would suggest you try paleo friendly ways to get carbs, but its all personal choice in the end. if your trying to bulk up maybe google around for what paleo bodybuilders do, if anyone has figured it out it would be them.

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