Fruit Can you eat unlimmited amounts?

Answered on June 27, 2014
Created June 26, 2014 at 6:18 PM

Hi all. I have a quick questions. Do you all limit the fruit you eat? It seems many people who are eating Paleo limit how much fruit they eat. I eat as much fruit as I want. I would love your feedback on this. Thanks all.



on June 27, 2014
at 03:31 AM

Your comment "I eat as much fruit as I want" is close to meaningless.

Could be zero fruit, one piece per day or dozen...

N=1 ....30 oranges with give you raging (you know what) for at least a day or two.

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on June 27, 2014
at 04:14 PM

Relying on too much of anything isn't good; a varied diet is best as above posts have said.

Try and eat seasonally, too.

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on June 27, 2014
at 09:17 AM

There is a limit one might want to consume everyday. If you are insulin resistance or much over weight many of the professionals will recommend you to limit fruits like grapes, kiwi, pineapples etc. Dried fruits contain more sugar. I prefer eating bananas 2-5 pieces of fruit per day, which is real sweet stuff where rest of diet consisting of meat fish and greens. Fruits like strawberries or raspberries are also good option for low fructose.



on June 27, 2014
at 03:12 AM

If you are worried, replace some fruits with roots like carrots, sweet potatoes or turnips. Same micronutrients, more starches, fewer sugars.



on June 27, 2014
at 12:09 AM

You can do anything you want, but you'll pay for it in consequences. Eating fruit is paleo. Eating fruit at every meal less so. Eating nothing but fruit, or eating fruit until you burst at the seams, not paleo at all.



on June 26, 2014
at 08:51 PM

My fruit consumption is limited by the amount of other things I would like to also eat, where my overall food consumption is limited by the amount I can comfortably fit in my stomach and digest in a reasonable amount of time.

For a minute, I was eating 5 or 6 bananas in one swoop with a jug of orange juice, but this didn't feel like a particularly healthy / balanced diet, so I started to eat fewer sweets and ditch fruit juice all together. Lately, most of my fruit ends up in salads where there's a better fiber : sugar ratio going on. As I don't ever crave sweets, I much prefer the acidic edge of some berries / fruit tossed in a good vinaigrette as part of a big-ass-salad between bites of meat / veg sides.

I eat a little fruit with just about every meal, and a considerable portion of my fat calories are from fruit, and most of my calories come from fat.


on June 26, 2014
at 08:17 PM

That was a good answer. I do eat a large variety of foods.



on June 26, 2014
at 07:04 PM

Everything beneficial has a benefit - harm function that is first concave, after a point convex for amount and every other thing either has a convex harm function or a harm - benefit - harm function that is first convex, then concave, and lastly convex again, all of which end at the point of death. That's why diversification in your diet is important. You can find the most beneficial thing on earth and that will still kill you at an amount x and even though you can get the most benefit from that thing at an amount y, a reduction r from that amount and addition of any other beneficial thing by an amount comparable to r of the first thing that you don't consume will give more total benefit. Hope you can understand this.

People may tolerate and benefit from things differently but this doesn't override the above statement. So, a simple advice about optimizing your total benefit may probably be something like "instead think about what else you could eat instead of the fruits you consume most that could give you more benefit"

Such a vague question...

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