I DON'T want to lose weight ->unlimited fruit?!

Answered on October 07, 2013
Created October 07, 2013 at 1:04 PM

Hey folks,

so ive been on paleo for ~2 months now, didnt start it because i wanted to loose weight, still dint want to, rather gain some weight ( but morr in the way of muscle gains ;) )...

I mainly started paleo because of the idea of eating whole, natural and healthy foods and avoiding toxins.

I usually hate these debates about certain foods, if you should eat it or not, IMO everything that is acnatural, whole food is in my eyes paleo and worth eating.and i honestly never spent too much attention to est the right amount of fats at that time and to cut back on carbs there, i just eat whole real, unprocessed organic and natural foods.

but now i want to have some things clear:

if i dont want to lose weight, totally love fruit, and only buy organic fruits, what in the world is speaking against the unlimited consumption of fruit ?( and no i dont have diabetes, celiac or fructose malabsorbtion!) ?

Im really curious, and would like to have your takeon this strange grey field in the paleo community... (on one side its natural, real food and obviously paleo ( and i honestly cant imagine that ancestral humans had thougths like 'oh no better put this apple away again, dont eat it, it has too much fructose.... (same with tubers, which no one can denies that they werd actually available back then, probably more than meat!!!!!)

because thats basically what regularly happens to me, i really LOVE fruit, and if im not totally full after a meal , i often think about eating some more fruit for dessert, but often put it away again, thinking of the "bad side" :D of fruit, and that probably makes me a little bit unhappy at the time. (because they ARE actually great: real whole food, packed with fiber vitamins and other great stuff!)

so. your opinion please!

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2 Answers

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on October 07, 2013
at 02:37 PM

Never had the issue of not wanting to lose weight, well at least since 12 years old as I recall. Maybe you need to be eating bigger portions of your main meal and less concentration on dessert. Nothing wrong with a mix of fruit for those not trying to lose weight. Apples & berries, etc. are great, just keep in mind that your weight is always indicative of your inner health. If you feel good, look good and enjoy eating fruit - why not?



on October 07, 2013
at 01:17 PM

to your opening remark.... no. keep in mind if you eat paleo you arnt going to wither away, you should just be losing fat and water/inflammation weight unless your not exercising and not eating enough protein/calories.

that being said if you are trying to bulk up, then by all means increase your carbohydrate consumption. keep in mind though that you dont want to spike your blood sugar too hard, so still moderate and time your carbs appropriately. then u can debate is fruit the best way to get your carbs, probably not but as long as you arnt overdoing it i dont see an issue if your weightlifting.

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