"Fruit rots your teeth." Really?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 17, 2013 at 5:52 PM

I hear a lot that fruit rots your teeth, but, it just doesn't make sense to me. I mean, aren't chimpanzee teeth made of the same material as human teeth? Chimps eat a LOT of fruit, and their teeth don't rot out of their mouths. If fruit does in fact rot human teeth, why does it rot our teeth and not chimpanzee teeth?

Please explain this to me?



on January 17, 2013
at 06:31 PM


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7 Answers



on January 17, 2013
at 06:11 PM

The rate of dental decay seems more dependent on nutrition during their formation than the proximate cause. In other words, if you had crap nutrition when you were a kid, then yes, fruit probably can ruin your teeth.
I am hoping, and think it is reasonable to believe, that future generations won't have to put up with much dentistry at all, assuming paleo/WAPF principles are adopted by the parents of these future generations.

So, should this happen, I don't think fruit will be a problem.

I also think I read somewhere people near the equator have far more enamel on their teeth than folks in more northern climes, which suggests there are differences even among current populations.



on January 17, 2013
at 06:41 PM

Chimps in the wild eat their optimal diet. Humans, for the most part, don't.


on January 17, 2013
at 06:30 PM

Citrus fruits can eat away at your enamel on your teeth due to their acid content, which is your tooth's defence against sugar, plaque causing cavities. Doesn't mean you can't have an orange, but you shouldn't eat a ton of citrus and certainly not drink a lot of citrus juice. And, as always, brush your teeth.



on January 17, 2013
at 05:57 PM

Really, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-99733/Why-apple-day-wont-dentist-away.html http://www.emaxhealth.com/8782/apples-can-cause-four-times-more-damage-teeth-sodas

I'm not aware of the diet of wild chimpanzees or their rate of dental decay, but for humans, modern super sweet fruits do seem to increase rates of dental decay.



on April 12, 2013
at 06:50 AM

I began a fruitarian diet 2 weeks ago it took around 1 week and a fee days and the enamel on the top half of my teeth totally rotted away. It cannot be possible for any other cause because that is all i changed, moreover, i always inspect my pearly white to ensure they are in good shape. The culprite was bananas, although i ate a small amount of dates, i am certain the bananas have an effect on enamel. you may have heard of the old trick use a banana peel to whiten your teeth? im assuming it has a striping type afect. i must be clear, i was NOT eating high citrus fruits, mainly bananas dates and cantaloupes.

I loved the diet, i loveddd the energy!! i wish this didnt happen, becuse now i dont know where to go and what to do!! i just need to find a way to eat fruits without damaging my already TOTALLY EFFED NOW enamel.:(



on January 17, 2013
at 09:08 PM

yes, if you eat too much fruit it may damage your teeth. so you have to eat fruit in moderation, 1-2 servings per day is more than enough.

P.S you can't compare human diet to chimps diet, we are different.



on January 17, 2013
at 07:08 PM

i don't think fruit rots your teeth. that seems hyperbolic to beat the band. i'm sure a completely fruigivorous diet, as described in denise minger's article, would cause problems. but not a balanced paleo diet, which includes fruit.

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