Eating too much fruit?

Answered on February 16, 2014
Created February 16, 2014 at 1:05 AM

Hi, I am currently living in a small beach town in Costa Rica. I do not have a car which makes it difficult to get to the closest super market which is 15 minutes away. This makes it hard for me to get beef and fish. I do have easy access to eggs, chicken, fruits, and vegetables. I typically eat a big plate of eggs for breakfast and chicken + veggies for dinner with lots of snacking on fruit throughout the day. I would estimate about half of my daily calories are coming from fruit. I am not trying to lose weight. Do you think consuming this much fruit is problematic?

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2 Answers



on February 16, 2014
at 10:02 AM

To me, eating even a little more fruit than a certain amount makes me craving more and it is a common advice to keep fructose intake below a certain amount. For healthy weight loss, adequate protein and carb and the rest from fats forms probably the best macronutrient ratio.



on February 16, 2014
at 02:11 AM

I don't think so. In a tropical climate you have to eat more fruit. Besides, how much of the fruit is low fructose, i.e. avocado, breadfruit, ackee, squash (sp? Jamaican fruit that looks like scrambled eggs) or other? You can always swap some fruit for some rice (can't recommend the beans because in that part of the world they do not soak them).

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