Does sulfured fruit upset your stomach?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 24, 2012 at 3:58 AM

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced gastrointestinal distress from eating dried fruit treated with sulfur dioxide. I eat some dried fruit everyday without problem but I've recently experienced an episode of really bad painful gas that almost felt like a celiac reaction. I examined my diet for accidental gluten and came up empty and it went away so I thought I just must have been ill or something. But it has now happened again and I realized that both times involved a bag of sulfured dried pears someone gave me. The dried fruit I usually eat without problem is unsulfured. These pears are the only things I've had with it.

Is it possible this could be upsetting my stomach? Of course I going to do my own experiment to nail it down, but I was wondering if anyone else had this experience.

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11 Answers


on January 24, 2012
at 08:37 AM

Ditto to the above. I used to have dried apricots (the LURIDLY ORANGE ONES!) in my lunch-box at school back in the day and always felt wretched afterwards: this turned out to be a prevailing theme as I grew up; treated dried-fruits = murderous cramps. Erego I just avoided them.

However I have recently found out (from experimentation with a size-able quantity of left-overs from Christmas) that (if you want to keep using sulphured dried fruit for cooking, but for straight-up nomming it's probably just easier to buy un-sulphured) you can lessen the digestive discomfort by thoroughly rinsing, soaking and gently poaching the fruit.

So I don't know whether you'd be better off preparing the dried pears you were given for use in some culinary exploits, as opposed to snacking?

Hope this helps and that you feel better :)



on January 24, 2012
at 06:46 AM

I have the same GI issues with dried fruits treated with sulfur dioxide along with a splitting headache like 45 minutes afterward.


on July 11, 2013
at 10:24 PM

I had raw garlic and raw cabbage juice and got terible cramps. I know both of these contain sulphur. Yet I can eat egg yolks with no problem. Does it depend on how large the dose is and whether or not you take it just before bed? If I have a small glass of raw cabbage juice during the day I am fine but if it is twce the amount before bed I wake up feeling awful and this lasts a few hours.

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on July 02, 2012
at 08:01 PM

Dried fruit gives me some gas, regardless off whether or not it's sulphured. Recently, though, I had some unsulfured dried pear slices, and that gave me some of the worst gas discomfort I can remember ever having.


on July 02, 2012
at 03:02 PM

I am Celiac and react badly to sulfured fruit..it really upsets my stomach and gives me chronic stomach cramps and indigestion. I find it still affects me if I cook it so now I use fresh fruit in my recipes.



on January 24, 2012
at 01:02 PM

I have absolutely zero negative response to sulfured fruit. No digestive upset, no headaches. (Man, my digestive system kicks ass!)


on January 24, 2012
at 08:51 AM

Seems like this is a common problem. I get stomach cramps too, if I eat more than a couple of sulfur-dried apricots/pears, but never from fresh fruit or berries. Self made dried fruit cause no trouble, so it must be the sulfur.


on January 24, 2012
at 06:22 AM

I have the same problem with most dried fruit (most likely treated with sulfur dioxide) bloating and gas being the main reactions, it's extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable. However, I've started experiencing similar symptoms (quite mild though) with a lot of fresh fruits (blueberries being an exception).

I'm curious to know if you have any symptoms with fresh pears?


on January 24, 2012
at 05:36 AM

Yes, I always avoid sulphured dried fruit, as it causes discomfort, bloating, and gas. Chances are very good that this is what is causing your reactions.



on January 24, 2012
at 04:18 AM

I don't get an upset stomach eating sulfured fruit, unless I eat a lot of it, but I do get a raging headache. It is absolutely predictable; within about 30-60 minutes I'm in throbbing pain. Every time.



on January 24, 2012
at 04:15 AM

Yes, I get the same painful gas and stomach cramping from sulfur dioxide. I went to town a bag of dried apricots a few months back, and wow did I learn a lesson. I was in crippling abdominal pain well into the next day. Not to mention being a walking trumpet.

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