Are there natural reasons to crave fructose?

Answered on January 11, 2017
Created January 08, 2017 at 8:41 PM

I've often noticed that when I eat a low-carb meal (veggies, fat, and protein), when I'm finished with my meal, I have a strong craving for fruit. Not a lot. Just a quarter of an apple will do it, and then I feel satisfied. It's interesting to me, because this is not a carb craving, as I have no craving for starch at that time. I do not have a sweet tooth whatsoever, and no psychological attachment to having dessert. Honestly, I'm not even a big lover of fruit like many people are. I usually only keep a couple apples around at any given time for this specific purpose. I have noticed this many times over the years, so I'm curious if there's some specific reason that my body would need a bit of fructose at that point (versus glucose, which wouldn't do it for me at that time). Any thoughts?

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on January 11, 2017
at 12:59 AM

Thanks for the reply raydawg. I'm eating low-moderate carb, so I think it's unlikely that my glycogen stores would be totally empty. Even if they were, I'd probably crave starch at that point too. I think you're right that it's unlikely the actual fructose that I crave, because I have no interest in honey at these times or sweets of any sort (all which contain at least as much fructose as the small amount of fruit). The gut bacteria hypothesis is interesting. I do take inulin and other fibers fairly regularly, so I'll see if the craving corresponds with not having had that in a while. Although you'd think the typically large amount of vegetables in the meal would keep my gut bugs happy for a while. I will try the vitamin C as well. The body is complex, so there are times when we just have to be okay with not understanding what it's doing. Thanks for the suggestions though, and let me know if you think of anything else!



on January 10, 2017
at 04:16 PM

Fructose can be used by the liver to make glucose only when its glycogen stores are empty.  Once its glycogen stores are full, your liver will instead make triglycerides.  But all fructuse is shunted to the liver for processing.  If it's true that it's actual fructose you're after (if so, your craving would be satisfied with any source), it would only be when you're very low carb or zero carb.

It's far more likely you're craving something else in the apple.  Perhaps the pectin, or its fiber, phytonutrients, etc. but, it's even more likely that your craving isn't from your body, but rather from your gut bacteria who wish to have a meal and have signaled the appropriate cytokines to trigger that craving.

You can experiment with differnt things to see if your craving is satisfied.

For example, try a teaspoon of honey (high in fructose), or a teaspoon of inulin or pectin, or even a teaspoof of vitamin C.  Log down which of these satisfies that craving and which does not.  Then you'll know for sure.


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