Research on ketones and frontal temporal dementia

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 24, 2012 at 8:55 PM


There seems to be a lot of research on ketones and Alzhemier's disease, but I'm wondering if there is research on ketones (or a ketogenic diet) and other types of dementia, particularly frontal temporal dementia? If so could you please direct me to this research?

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on June 26, 2012
at 05:18 PM

Wow...what timing! I'm doing my master's thesis on Alzheimer's as type 3 diabetes and the potential therapeutic role for a ketogenic or at least very low-carb diet. (I've been eyeball deep in the research for several weeks now.) It's very cool that you even know about the connection between AD & sugar/insulin. Most folks think it's the weirdest thing they've ever heard, but the research is staggering.

Unfortunately, I don't have any info for you on this other specific type of dementia. However, I can tell you that ketogenic diets seem to be restorative/therapeutic for a number of different brain and central nervous system conditions. (Epilepsy being the most heavily studied, but there are others, including AD.)

I would say you might as well try it (or recommend it for whatever friend/family member/associate you might be talking about here). If it works, it works. And if not, all the experiment's cost you is a few weeks without some of your favorite foods. I would say if someone's dealing with dementia, that's a small price to pay to at least see if there might be a benefit.



on January 03, 2014
at 05:51 PM

In case you are still interested, I recently did some research into FTLD due to some family history of this. I wrote a blog post about it here:


Unfortunately, I also did not come across any studies related to ketogenic diets and FTLD. However, I did come across a pretty recent study from September 2013 showing similar glucose metabolism issues to Alzheimer's Disease present in FTLD patients. This was seen even up to 7 years before family suggested disease onset. Pretty cool stuff. It's not specific to a ketogenic diet, but it may provide some starting point for researchers to begin to look at this specifically.

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