How long will unrendered leaf lard last in freezer?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 25, 2013 at 12:48 AM

I have some in there and its probably been about a year. Should I render it or toss it? Now this is fresh from the farm and full of all sorts of fun stuff (skin flesh etc) so its more than just fat.


Ps I did ask google but it was a fail



on April 25, 2013
at 07:26 AM

Defrost then smell it. I routinely freeze fat and try to use it within a few months. One lot which had been frozen for a long time - about 8 months I think it was - smelled rancid, enough for me to throw it out rather than render it down.

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4 Answers


on April 25, 2013
at 04:57 AM

If it was well wrapped and looks okay, with no freezer burn, you won't lose anything by giving it a try.



on April 25, 2013
at 02:45 PM

It's cheap! It's like 50 cents a pound. Be on the safe side and get fresh stuff... even if you could still render it it just wont be the same...



on April 25, 2013
at 02:23 PM

If it was in the freezer and it's not discolored then you're fine. I buy grass-fed beef yearly and keep it frozen, and the beef itself, which is a lot less stable than pure lard, has been fine even at a year.



on April 25, 2013
at 01:40 PM

What crowbar said. I rendered some year-old lard I had in my freezer just a couple weeks ago. The only thing I noticed was the whitest lard I got from my first pour-off was just a touch "porky" which I don't usually notice when the lard is fresh. It's still great for sauteing veggies, I'm not making pie crust with it or anything...

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