Anyone experimented with Platinum Plus or other free form amino acids?

Answered on May 09, 2013
Created July 14, 2012 at 12:55 AM

I just started on Platinum Plus today which contains all of the essential amino acids and apparently requires no digestion...it simply absorbs in the small intestine. I have IBS along with chronic fatigue and many foods just don't sit well with me. I've started to lose muscle and become weak which is why I was concerned about my protein intake (& more importantly, absorption) so I decided to get Platinum Plus. Some doctors like to use "elemental" diets for all sorts of conditions, but especially digestive disorders...many times they'll use a whey or brown rice-based protein though, which still requires some digestion.

I also started back on a whole food Vit. C powder along with Barley green juice powder, which I've used in the past.

Suffice it to say, I'm feeling very "detoxy" today...headaches, whole body aches, fatigue, dizziness. So I chatted with someone at the company where I ordered it from and it seems to happen in about 25% of patients, initially, and for up to 2 weeks. I was told it can sometimes indicate a chronic viral infection simply running its course. It does feel a bit like I have the flu but w/o vomiting.

So my question, has anyone experimented with free form amino acids or done an elemental/semi-elemental diet? Did you see big improvements?



on July 14, 2012
at 02:23 AM

Haven't tried the Platinum Plus amino acid, but it is a decent strip club in Lexington, KY that a friend of mine used to work at.

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on May 09, 2013
at 11:53 PM

MAY be a mercury detox http://www.royalrife.com/aminos.html

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