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Asked on July 18, 2014
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Is the only one here with multiple I'd LC's met with nearly and are what connected to the other offices we would map goes to this interface and they would all go out the same direction lastly this is known to cause problems with split horizon now there's your pop quiz do you remember what split horizon it's came back from when we were talking about distance vector and link-state routing protocols there's a specific video earlier in the city's [url=http://642-902dump.com/]642-902[/url] earlier in the series that is disinspector verses link-state in there is split horizon was introduced as one of the loop prevention mechanisms it stop sloops from happening in your network the way it did that in the way the rule works is it says never send in update back in the same direction route the same interface that was received from so if this router on the right was advertising tent at . at this router this rather could never turn back around advertise standout . to zero otherwise you could potentially cause a loop well that Lou prevention mechanism causes problems in this environment because Missouri might need to send a route update no we see the frame relay portion but we also have networks by ear maybe Missouri has the a once in its you that sixteen that one network back down a slant well we'll send around update cue router Arizona through its LC in Arizona received that update added???


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