Want free nose to tail style bits in Chevy Chase, MD?

Asked on June 08, 2013
Created June 08, 2013 at 11:27 PM

Hey Hackers,

I am about to move cross country and have a little treasure trove of goodies in my freezer that I'd like to go to a good home. They're free to you, just please don't come murder us. Would anyone within driving distance like to come pick up: 2 big bags of goat bones for bones broth, lamb heart, calf tail, beef tongue, lardo, ground lamb, beef tallow, lamb liver and a few odds and ends (all paleo/ sorta rogue starch paleo) dry goods?

I live in Chevy Chase right off the main drag of Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda. You'll have to come pick them up, as we are frantically cleaning and packing to be out tomorrow.

Again, please don't murder us. My husband is large and nimble and we'll put up a fight.

You can email me at marpants@yahoo.com if you're interested. Just to make sure the mods don't close: so, are you interested? I don't want to throw out all these tasty treats!

Thanks, Marcy

EDIT: all purchased from the farmer's market in Bethesda. Ethically sourced, grass fed where applicable. We're leaving town today (Sunday) around noon.

Thank you! I have successfully given the meat away to the lucky bastards who bought our brew kit off Craigslist.

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