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The way and now she's chasing that's like an ideal situation that is that's cool t I so if you've done all the investing any traction you're doing talking talking talking on Sat talking one word answer and you know the conversation teach techniques we teach in date against machine teach you how to that turn as one word answers into unit for plotline conversations but if when you ask for her number youth still be doing all the talking you haven???t managed to get her to invest in you it's probably going to like because again she got her number and she feels like she's done no work to get on earth further to give you that Luma repair number and oxy to get you interested enough task number she hadn't done any work at all right and people just don't value things happen work towards you know and if she gets the sense that you have to work hard to get her number in her mind value dynamics up an interaction all skewed she sense that you are much lower value than half because you have to work so hard to number right you know so ideally youwanna / thing going on when she thought okay I was giving as much as he was giving and you know what he asked the number Iota work a little bit and you know in the best case scenario she???s downloads at work towards the end she feels like wow like.


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