Visiting my parents for thanksgiving, help with brainstorming to help family new to paleo

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 24, 2011 at 5:27 PM

Hello All! I have been paleo for the last 10 months and I am digging it. Needless to say, my family has seen and no doubt heard about how much better I feel. My mom, is an addict to the SAD, and one of the most pickiest eaters I have ever met. As she doesn't like beef, chicken or pork, her diet consists of fake soy meats, fish, bread, dairy, beans and vegetables. I know she definitely will not fully swing over and start eating liver and bacon,foods that I so love. I figure if she starts out small (cutting out grains and dairy), further enthusiasm may build upon results. So, right now, I've got vegetables, nuts, fish and a bit of eggs (I tried explaining omega-3/omega-6 balance with respect to nuts, but if she is eating nuts instead of highly processed foods, I'll call it a good start). So my question is, does anybody else follow a similar type diet or can anybody come up with anything else to start my picky mom down the paleo highway with respect to foods?



on November 24, 2011
at 07:36 PM

Does your mom actually dislike those meats, or does she have an aversion to them because she thinks they are unhealthy? Getting someone who hates the taste of meat to go Paleo may be a long road, but if it's just a "fear" of meat then you can re-educate her.

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on November 24, 2011
at 10:45 PM

It's difficult for middle-aged or older people to make a significant shift in eating even when strongly motivated. Frankly, I think it has to be her idea not yours and your good health and continued commitment will probably carry more power in the long run than anything you can say.

My grandson moved in last April and it was 4-5 months before I noticed he was eating more and more like me. Other than holidays like today, he now actively avoids the snacks and treats his peers eat and drink. He's at about 75% now, all on his own. I never say anything except to tell him what I like or don't like.

For example, when I ordered a beef heart I didn't encourage him to taste it but when I raved about how much I liked it he tried it. It turned out that was a mistake because every time I turned around he was digging another spoonful out of the stew.



on November 24, 2011
at 10:03 PM

I would look for recipes that have meat in them (lasagne, casseroles etc) where meat isn't the main ingredient. It might be easier for her to try things if it isn't a big slab of meat staring at her. Can't change people who don't want to though.

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