Repeated foods in diet?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 10, 2011 at 7:47 PM

Has anyone seen any problems with eating mostly similarly foods daily for 3-6 months?

Breakfast - 3 Eggs, chicken, broccoli, red pepper, spinach, onion, tomato

Lunch - Chicken, carrots, tomato, walnuts, spinach

Dinner - 3 Eggs, chicken, spinach, tomato, almonds

Generally all meals have been made up of these ingredients for some time now. Money is forcing me to adhere to more strict choices.

-Most meals cooked with olive oil



on August 11, 2011
at 01:09 AM

the beef's in my sotmach: 1 lb. per day for a few months thus far. I've been rigidly dieting since 14--no problems aside from nutritional deficiencies(haha).

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on August 10, 2011
at 11:47 PM

Definitely need some liver in there first and foremost.



on August 10, 2011
at 09:43 PM

Where's the beef???



on August 10, 2011
at 07:58 PM

That's a lot of high omega 6 nuts....and I wouldn't cook with Olive oil....in general, I eat the same thing weekly. my dinners vary, but my breakfast and lunch(scramble/stew) is pretty constant.

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on August 10, 2011
at 08:10 PM

Even though you are eating that every day, it is actually more well rounded than my normal diet as you have a ferw more foods in there than I do. You seem to have all the bases covered fairly well. I would definitely swap out the olive oil for cooking, but for cold applications its fine.



on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

I eat the same 5 meals every day, over and over, and have for quite a few years. Then on my "cheat days" where I carb load, I use the same "safe starches" over and over.

According to my lab work, I'm perfectly healthy and have no deficiencies in my nutritional status due to my diet.

I do however, supplement with fish oil, vitamin D, and a daily multiple vitamin.

My meals are: Meal 1: 2 whole eggs with 1 ounce sausage, 1 ounce ham, 2 strips bacon, 1 slice cheese, diced tomatoes and peppers.

Meal 2: 5 ounces tuna with mayo and a cup of lettuce (I usually use olive oil mayo made at home with olive oil, eggs, and seasonings - recipe is free on my web site if you want it.)

Meal 3: 1 whole chicken leg quarter, green vegetable of choice (most often turnip greens or broccoli)

Meal 4: 5 ounces tuna (see meal 2).

Meal 5: 8 ounces beef (steak, ground chuck, etc...), green veggie of choice (often greens, a big salad, or green beans).

My carb loading days usually consist of basically the same but I add potatoes to each meal that doesn't include tuna and lettuce and eat 4 or 5 pieces of fruit. I extend carb loading to breakfast the next morning.

Repetitive eating may not be optimal but for those of us on a tight budget (I've just opened a gym and it took all my money to do so...and am supporting it on a paramedic's salary)... it works. if you aren't having any problems from it, then keep doing what you have to do... even if your diet isn't optimal, it's far, far better than S.A.D. And you are still better off than the pizza eaters out there.


on August 10, 2011
at 08:53 PM

I agree with the others. You look to have your nutritional bases pretty well covered. I'd lose the olive oil in favor of coconut oil and see if you can find a way to through some grass fed beef or fish in there. Canned salmon is pretty cheap and a great nutritional value for the money.



on August 10, 2011
at 08:06 PM

No problems for me. But what you eat is important, IMO.

I was eating grassfed burger, pastured butter, spinach, eggs, salsa, avocados and dark chocolate for about 6 months.

Agree with the first comment--too much Omega 6---if you can afford it, I'd go with grass-fed ground beef &/or liver/organ meats to replace the chicken &/or nuts.


on August 10, 2011
at 09:40 PM

I have probably 2 or 3 set breakfasts (eggs/ground beef or yogurt/fruit/nuts) and lunches (lettuce wraps or salad with meat/veggies or left overs).

My dinners vary much more to include combinations of different meats (lamb, pork, beef, bison, fish, shellfish), starches (sweet/white potatoes or white rice), and veggies (brocoli, kale, spinach, salads, squash).

I also eat out about once a week and although I stick to something resembling paleo, I tend to vary my diet much more for these meals. I think it adds good variety and interest to the diet. I tend to only eat out at places I can get at least something fairly exotic like organ meat, marrow, blood sausage, oysters, etc..



on August 10, 2011
at 08:21 PM

I eat eggs and bacon for breakfast 6 days a week, have been for a few years now. lunch is always roast beef or roast pork with steamfresh veggies. I do get bored a little occasionally, thats the only problem I have noticed. and the boredom can be fixed with slight variations or flavors.

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