Positive weight gain possible with Paleo?

Answered on September 30, 2014
Created September 30, 2014 at 12:59 PM

I am a quite healthy individual, trying raw food, fruiterianism and paleo in the past. Now I am on a so called standard diet with everything included except gluten in any form.... My biggest problem has never been weight gain, only negative weight loss, in all the diets named above that I have tried for approximately 2 years of time, except on the standard diet, but, there is a catch. I feel sick and weak, especially as I can compare to how I felt on the previous diets....

I am giving Paleo another try, what should I do in order to Gain weight on this method? Weight loss seem to be the main topic in society and its very frustrating for somebody like me... I could eat more carbs but I feel bad on carbs whichever type of carb(except fruit and vegetable carbs but it cant be good to be eating that like a crazy horse) I eat so please how can I become normal in weight and feel good?!


Thanks so much in beforehand!

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on September 30, 2014
at 02:54 PM

Eat fat and carbs. Fried plantains or sweet potatoes. Poach fruit in cream. Broil cheese over vegetables.

Being in ketosis will work against weight gain.



on September 30, 2014
at 07:11 PM

Definitely. You will need to eat plenty of starch and protein. Focus on getting glucose (not fructose) based carbohydrates as they will go to all the tissues in your body. Sugary fruit can be problematic since it has a high amount of fructose which can only be processed by the liver, so while the rest of your tissues won't get any immediate energy from fructose, your liver will literally store the excess, which over time could lead to fatty liver. So in short, plenty of roots (sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, cassava, taro, yams, etc.) for starch and meat (all kinds including fish, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc) for protein.

Also, if you're experiencing a lot of difficulty gaining weight, consider limiting non-starchy veggies like broccoli and cauliflower and your intake of low-carb fruits like olives and cucumbers. While extremely healthy, these will suppress your appetite and not really supply enough protein and carbohydrates to promote weight gain, which would go against your goals. 

Remember carbohydrates increase insulin while protein increases IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). Insulin helps increase both fat and muscle, the ratio of these two can be determined by the level of physical activity (high physical activity, specially resistance exercises, in the presence of ample insulin favors muscle growth while sedentariness favors fat storage). Meanwhile IGF-1 promotes the growth of just about every tissue in your body, including muscles, sinews, bones and organs. This is why in such a case, it might make sense to follow a high-carbohydrate, high-protein diet with plenty of resistance exercise.

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