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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 20, 2013 at 6:13 AM

Hi guys I'm brand new here! I started eating paleo 5 weeks ago after finally seeing the light with my old diet which consisted of mainly take aways and sugary drinks! I am 5 foot 9 and was 5 weeks ago 15 stone 10, I am now down to around just under 14 stone!! My gym trainer now wants me to eat lots of protein to keep muscle mass etc! Can anybody recommend any particular paleolithic foods which are particularly high in protein??

Thanks guys


on May 20, 2013
at 05:06 PM

If you're not very familiar with the macronutrient content of different foods (carbohydrate / protein / fat), you might want to start tracking the things you eat for a little while until you get the general idea. I like cronometer.com but there are lots of different options. In general any real, unprocessed meats will have a ton of protein (and varying levels of paleo-approved not-inherently-fattening fat).

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on May 20, 2013
at 06:34 AM

Well, I would say it is almost harder to avoid protein with paleo food.

Pretty much if you are eating truly paleo, you are eating a bunch of protein. So eat lots of meat and fish!

Also, broccoli and kale are pretty high in protein, for vegetables, but you just have to make sure you chew them up really well.


on May 20, 2013
at 06:48 AM

There are PLENTY of options. If you want lean sources with less fat, you can look into turkey, chicken, egg whites and fish and seafood in general. These will give you between 20 to 30 grams per every 100 gr of food which is really nice. I'd use these if I eat dense carbs on the same meal.

Then if you want a both fat and protein based meal, you can go for full eggs, red meat sources with their natural fat content and dairy. If you are training, I'd use the dairy mostly post-workout as it is the most anabolic IMO. I'd get these if I eat low carb on that meal.

As Christina pointed already, it's pretty easy to get the full amount of protein you need from the Paleo diet. I struggled a little bit when I was a vegetarian but now I have to watch it closely in order to not get too far past the 2 gr. per kilogram bodyweight, which for me is around 130 gr of protein per day or so.


on November 11, 2013
at 04:41 PM

It's going to be impossible to go Paleo and NOT have a high protein diet. We recommend staying away from dairy products as they tend to be processed and generate a small allergic reaction in people that usually go unnoticed until you get into single digit body fat levels. Bodybuilders avoid dairy at all costs because at 3 or 4% BF the effects are very obvious. Things like subcutaneous bloat and excess mucus production. (http://www.healthcentral.com/encyclopedia/408/502.html) Also,we see people who first jump on the Paleo bandwagon get really excited about the greasy meats, so be sure to reign in the temptation and always go for ultra lean proteins like chicken breast, turkey breast, eye of the round steak, and plenty of fish. Since your consumption of these proteins will be quite heavy make sure your sources are all natural, free of hormones and antibiotics, and consume a lof of green vegetables and water.

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on May 21, 2013
at 11:45 AM

Hi guys thanks for all your advice! As it turned out I managed to get loads of big chicken breasts, organic eggs, pork loins and lean mince beef off of my butcher today for a great price! So will not struggle to get my daily allowance of protein by the time I mix it up with broccoli etc!! This is a great group for getting good positive advice thanks!



on May 20, 2013
at 10:42 AM

I'd agree with the other posters who say that it's pretty difficult not to have a high protein intake while on the paleo diet. Seafood (salmon, cod, hake, trout, shrimp, muscles, oysters etc), poultry (turkey and chicken), meat (pork, beef, lamb) & eggs are all high protein. If you eat dairy greek yogurt is relatively high in protein, as is cottage cheese. Green veg can be surprisingly high in protein - sprouts and broccoli for example.

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