Paleo Food Choices On The Go?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 19, 2011 at 1:46 AM

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My job is a bit hectic, and differs from your average American -- I work onboard Amtrak trains as the (faux) bartender in the cafe car...If you have been on a train before, you have some idea of what food I'm surrounded by all day. If not -- let's just say it's all unhealthy stuff. Help me figure out some good eats to bring with me so I don't make poor food choices XD

While at work I have no access to stores while on layovers or anything. It's just me and my train. I have a nice 12-can insulated backpack with which to store food and keep it cold. I noticed that I tend to eat a lot more while at work, especially at least on my 1st day, which is very long -- 5:30 am report and I don't really get home until 12:30 am (the next day). I don't seem to eat as much when I'm at home (probably because I can sleep in, and not be awake as long). Sometimes I only eat two meals a day.

And for those of you who have eaten Paleo for a while now, do you really wake up earlier and get better/less sleep? Because honestly though I've only eaten this way for a few weeks, the last few days I've woken up earlier than my alarm, and felt better than I usually would. I can't say that I felt like I was ready to climb a mountain or otherwise take on the world at the exact moment I woke up, know what I mean? but I still felt a damn shade better than I remember normally feeling.

So anyways besides my random tangent above, I would appreciate any food ideas you can give me, besides a salad, to pack the day prior for work. I've been bringing a salad with veggies (tomatoes, broccoli cup up really fine, onions, and carrot shreds) and some ranch or Italian dressings (I don't use much, but I refuse to give up my dressings. I'm a couponer, and have a lot of different varieties stockpiled XD I love most vegetables! Hate fruit!).



on March 19, 2011
at 06:02 PM

Ahh, sorry, saw nothing in the faq pertaining to repeat questions. Might want to get that added to the page :)



on March 19, 2011
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I hate to shut you down, but we have at least a dozen threads discussing this.

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on March 19, 2011
at 02:34 AM

See this thread from earlier on in the week:


Hard boiled eggs, cheese, nuts, cured meats etc etc are all good.



on March 19, 2011
at 02:13 AM

sardines work very well

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