Middle Eastern cuisine

Commented on September 07, 2013
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Middle Eastern Cuisine contains a lot of sweet and savory flavors. For example, I saw a recipe for Saffron cauliflower on chowstalker a few days ago. It has both raisins and olives together. What do you all think of the risk of the fructose in the raisins oxidizing the PUFAs in the olives under heat? Separately, of course, raisins are high carb and glycemic so their use needs to be minimal I think.



on September 07, 2013
at 01:28 AM

Interesting question, though.



on May 24, 2012
at 03:26 PM

Good suggestion - figs are awesome! Might try some plums too since have less fructose.



on May 23, 2012
at 07:56 PM

I would use dried figs in place of the raisins (I think cooked raisins are gross, not to mention they look like well fed ticks!) and everything in moderation. What I cook that is Middle Eastern fare usually only calls for very small amount of raisins and makes good sized servings.



on May 23, 2012
at 07:38 PM

If you're truly concerned about this, why not just add the raisins and olives at the end rather than cooking everything all together? The raisins just need a little liquid and warmth to plump up, no need for simmering. And the olives will probably taste better if added at the end, IMHO :)



on May 23, 2012
at 06:51 PM

With the threat of low carbers making a(nother) hissy-fit, there's nothing wrong with high carb foods in moderation. Glycemic index is also largely useless.

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