How do i start a paleo diet?

Asked on March 03, 2016
Created February 03, 2016 at 10:53 AM

How do i start a paleo diet? I'm 13 and weigh about 120.2  pounds. I have no one in my family doing this and have to make these meals for breakfast, lunch, recess, dinner and possibly snacks.... please help me none of my family know what to do and i need recepies and guidence! Also how long do you think it will take to loose weight?

 thank you xxx

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on February 03, 2016
at 03:32 PM

You stop eating all grains (wheat, rye, corn), legumes (beans, peanuts, especially soy), you avoid all trans fats and don't use any industrial seed oils (i.e. "vegetable" oil, "I can't believe I ate that", soy, canola, corn, cottonseed, safflower, sunflower oils.), you avoid all dairy (maybe later on if you're sure it's not detrimental, you can have some fermented ones: kefir, home made yogurt, cheeses.)

Instead you eat meat (preferrably grassfed, or at least organic), fish, shellfish (preferably wild caught), leafy greens, veggies, eggs (preferrably pastured, or at least organic), you use extra virgin olive oil, grassfed butter (i.e. Kerrygold), avocados and avocado oil, lard/bacon/tallow, cooca butter, coconut oil and nuts in limited amounts.

You don't fear good fats such as the ones listed above, and you eat plenty of veggies and leafy greens along with your protein sources.

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on March 02, 2016
at 05:09 PM

Check out a copy of Loren Cordain's book The Paleo Diet at the library. The Paleo Diet is very simple. Eat all you want of lean meats, fruit and leafy greens. Avoid processed foods, starchy foods (especially grains and potatoes) and dairy products. Most of the book is spent explaining why this is the best way you can eat.


on March 02, 2016
at 01:51 AM

This will surely help you start on a Paleo Diet! )

Melissa Joulwan, Meljoulwan

Author of the Paleo/Whole30 cookbooks Well Fed & Well Fed 2

Keep it simple at first.
There are (obviously) tons of wonderful paleo cookbooks out there, but in
the beginning, I recommend you keep it simple. Focus on really great
protein, veggies and fruits you love, and a variety of luscious fats.

I have a friend—let’s call her Shirley—who decided to give paleo a try.
She’s the kind of person who does everything with 100% commitment, so she
researched recipes for her first week. Twenty-one recipes: 3 meals a day
for 7 days. Then she made a massive grocery list to buy all the
ingredients, made an epic grocery store run to multiple stores, put
everything away into her kitchen… and collapsed in the fetal position on
the couch. It was all too overwhelming, and she was very, tearfully,

So keep it simple in the beginning. Make a stir-fry with a sauce made from
coconut aminos, served on cauliflower rice. Grill chicken with a roasted
sweet potato and salad on the side. Cook an omelet stuffed with veggies and
meat. Get your feet under you and relax into the new habits before trying
to turn yourself a paleo gourmet.

Reminder: Even in this world of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more, no
one can see your food if you don’t show them, so if you want to eat a can
of tuna, a hard-boiled egg, a tablespoon of almond butter, and an apple for
dinner, go for it. There are no Paleo Police, and no one really cares what
you eat for dinner.


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