Headaches after eating?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 27, 2011 at 2:57 PM

For the past 4-5 Days I have been getting headaches almost immediately after eating. I eat VLC, and my first assumption was that it was caused by carbs, However it is consistently occuring no matter the carb load of the meal.

I just recently began experimenting with the Leptin Reset, you know the routine... Is it possible this is causing the headaches? It happens after every meal, then generally fades before the next.

The other thing I thought might be causing it, was a recent Tetanus shot, which did give me a severe headache the next day, but faded. However, I am now left with these food headaches. So I havent had a headache free day since the shot.

Any ideas?



on November 10, 2011
at 06:43 PM

Check your blood sugar level - maybe it became too low on VLC.


on October 27, 2011
at 05:42 PM

Started LR 2 days before the shot. Been LC to VLC for quite some time.


on October 27, 2011
at 04:49 PM

Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Misc. Vegetables, etc. Same stuff I have always eaten for the past year.



on October 27, 2011
at 03:33 PM

Headaches do seem to be a fairly common "known" side effect of that shot....there are sure to be plenty of confounding factors, but no headaches before and now you have them daily. Some additional info like long were you VLC? How long have you been trying the Leptin Reset? Could be relevant.

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on January 16, 2012
at 09:52 AM

You should get a glucose meter and check your blood sugar before and after the meal. It is possible that you may be suffering from reactive hypoglycemia. http://www.livinlowcarbdiscussion.com/showthread.php?tid=542



on October 27, 2011
at 04:27 PM

Possible dietary allergies? What are you eating? Seems pretty strange to me.


on October 27, 2011
at 04:49 PM

Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Misc. Vegetables, etc. Same stuff I have always eaten for the past year.


on April 05, 2013
at 05:41 PM

i've been researching this online sice I have been suffering from this and definately drink lots of water throughout the day, here's what I've found:

Headache after eating

• specific types of food: Allergic Reaction to Food

• sugar: Blood Glucose Levels (diabetes or hypoglycemia)

• salt: High Blood Pressure, drinking lots of water may resolve this

• you may have low blood volume. drink lots of water during the day and increae your salt intake and see if that helps. you should be drinkning about 2 liters of water a day. if your active or spend alot of time in hot weather. then make it 3 liters up to a gal.

• if you eat alot of junk and not alot of healthy foods like fruits and vegatables then you can have these problems too.

• holistic healing method will cure it..avoid milk,curd,coffee,tea,icecreams,alcohols,… 15 days...daily eat 300 gms of uncooked vegetables...you can take other food items , which are not prohibited.

• Sleep deprivation, eye strain, stress and prolonged use of certain drugs are some of the common triggers of a headache, but not necessarily after a meal.


on January 27, 2013
at 05:48 PM

if it happpens with all food types and wont let up, google leaky gut leaky brain consider the GAPS diet and massive probiotics plus bentonite clays


on November 26, 2012
at 04:06 PM

Many people suffer with headaches that can be a number of things. Cholesterol can make your head hurt when there too much fat in the blood stream. I say to you headache suffers to try and eat the same meal for at least three days, even the same amount. And see what that will do.

I remember my head use to hurt when I drink to much milk, but when I left it along I was better. I stay away from dairy products. Try some things of you own and write it down.

Another time when I was having headache I was told by a doctor they were cluster headaches, meaning a headache that stay in the same place. They was not even sure what a cluster headache was. It may mean stay in the same place but that was not telling nothing, my ct scan was alright.

So its up to the individual to try some things for self. Oh chocolate at times trigger me a mild headache depending on how much of it I eat.



on May 09, 2012
at 08:03 PM

The headaches could be stemming from a variety of reasons. I did VLC for year and never experienced headaches, I did have fatigue from time to time, but nothing consistent. Aside from calling your doctor (headaches lasting as long as they have probably the best thing to do) I would look into changes you have made via diet. Is there something you have added or removed since the headaches started?



on December 08, 2011
at 07:51 PM

I don't have an answer for you, just adding my own experience.

I get headaches after eating on occasion, sometimes for several meals in a row, regardless of what is consumed. At first I was blaming it on cheat meals (excess sugar, for example, b/c I do get sugar headaches), but it has happened with what I would consider "safe" meals.

While my frequency of headaches has dwindled since starting paleo, I haven't been alarmed by these after-meal headaches. They are strange, but I am so used to headaches that I just took it in stride.

That being said, I'm interested in hearing more responses to your question.



on November 10, 2011
at 06:31 PM

dressings @ flavoring? > MSG ( Monosodium glutamate / E621) ( Carrageenan E407) etc, etc


mmm, caffeine withdrawal?

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