Have anyone here tried the "yorktest" or some other food intolerance test?

Answered on August 16, 2013
Created June 06, 2013 at 4:04 PM

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on June 06, 2013
at 04:39 PM

I could Google it I suppose, but could you elaborate?

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on August 16, 2013
at 05:04 PM

I'm not sure how helpful it is. My parents did one, and I think they are now unable to see the wood for the trees; ie they've taken the intolerances as fundamentals, whereas I think perhaps they are cumulative effects of leaky-gut caused by grains.

My dad had loads of stuff on his chart, and now he thinks he has to avoid all of them as much as possible, including grains, but if he has some now and again (he eats grains regularly because "there was nothing else" etc) then it's ok because he's "never noticed any bad effects".

Simply, I think it's mostly missing the point. Generally I'd just say go paleo/primal/perfecthealth etc and figure out the macronutrient ratios that work for you and at what times, and don't be surprised if you have to adjust them over time.


on June 20, 2013
at 10:35 PM

I did one of the ALCAT tests and found it to correlate with food intolerances I already knew about (ie. gluten). Their test method is different than most blood based allergy tests and probably more accurate for actual sensitivities & intolerances.

You can read more here: http://www.alcat.com/assets/File/The%20ALCAT%20Test%20webinar%201(1).pdf



on June 06, 2013
at 09:42 PM

Hi there...

I have! I did one of their liver tests about 6 months ago! I did it because i had a blood test with my doctor which showed up to have raised liver enzymes. When i was to return to the doctor 6 months later for a re-test it was a nightmare trying to get an appointment and they just didn't seem interested.

So i did the liver test with yorktest which i think cost me around £100..The results came back good because i had resorted to the paleo lifestyle and my liver enzymes back within normal limits!

I know they do some food intolerance tests which are quite highly rated. So personally if i was you i would go ahead and get one done if you feel necessary as i found them very helpful and quick to deal with :)

Hope this helps?


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