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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 06, 2011 at 8:41 AM

Hello, I am in a sense addicted to this:

alt text

What it is: Ground Chilli & Garlic In Oil.

Granted I have not ate it since going paleo because it has sugar in it and is not organic it contains MSG and soybean oil as well.

Has anyone tired it? Does anyone know of a Paleo friendly one or recipe?

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2 Answers


on June 06, 2011
at 01:12 PM

I am addicted to a version of this the ground chili in oil. Because of the soybean oil I ended up creating my own by taking a large quantity of dried chili pequins I grew that had dried out, crushing them and covering them with coconut oil. The oil became the lovely dark red and it tastes terrific. I would bet that crushed red peppers, crushed garlic, and coconut oil would be great.



on June 06, 2011
at 01:00 PM

chili and garlic and oil are some of my favorite things. this looks delicious. i would kill it with a spoon in one sitting.

as for an alternative, most condiments are simple enough to make on your own. i dont know what you have access to in your shops, but have you ever seen harissa? its a Tunisian condiment that is so versatile i use it on EVERYTHING. i had a hard time finding one i liked, so i started to make my own and tweaked the recipe to my preference. its really easy to make if you have access to chili peppers, which i dont know if you do over there. i get mine from sweet freedom farm in new mexico, but dont know if they would ship internationally.

so, its a paste of fresh garlic, cumin, corriander, carraway, salt, lemon juice and chili. personally, i like to use chipotle mecco, new mexico mild, and ancho chiles. the most traditional chiles to use would be guajillo and de arbol.

its amazing smoky spicy garlicy stuff that i use to marinate meat, stir into yogurt for dip, spread on "sandwiches", stir it into veggies....hell, ill just eat it straight....

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