eating before and after WODS

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 28, 2012 at 3:45 PM

I don't know what to eat after I workout or before. I don't like to eat too much before b/c I feel sick and I feel it sloshing around in my stomach. I workout around 6 days a week, and I think it will increase my ability if I can figure out what to eat before and after to help with recovery and building up energy for the WOD. So what are good things to eat before and after a wod?



on December 30, 2012
at 02:19 AM

Thank you all for answering it really helped me get ideas for what to eat after working out :) It was all great info.

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on December 28, 2012
at 03:48 PM

If you want to eat before hand (not a necessity) then I suggest a banana. Lots of good nutrients, higher in glucose than fructose, and some carbs.

For post workout eat whatever you like. Protein is important, and with 6/week you may want to put a bit of carbs in there too (like a potato). Personally my stomach feels like crap after a workout, so I stick to a protein shake -- not paleo, but practical. And then have a complete meal a few hours later.

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on December 28, 2012
at 04:39 PM

Keep in mind, I'm a powerlifter not a CrossFitter, but this still may apply to you. I do a fair amount of cardio and the plan I've laid out still supports that.

For starters, it depends on what your workout consists of, what time of day it is, and how close you generally are to ketosis beforehand. For example, if you workout in the morning and are likely already in ketosis, then a small (about half-size) breakfast of healthy fat and protein will more than do you, say 30-90mins prior. If you're solid in ketosis and are not hungry, you can even just not eat prior if you don't have a huge cardio component (though most WODs do).

If you workout at a different time of day, say midafternoon, no worries your paleo lunch will do you just fine. If you workout at lunch or right after work and you feel you need something, I'd apply the same rule as for breakfast above. Maybe half of a can of tuna in some melted coconut oil with some spices 30-90 minutes prior to working out.

For post workout, it's generally best to get some 20-30g of quality carbs (not fruit) with another half-serving of protein within 30 mins of working out. This will help drive nutrients into your cells via the insulin response and help fuel your recovery. The rest of the day, just eat normal healthy paleo meals.

From your description above, it sounds like you're not giving enough time between eating and working out, and/or you are eating hard-to-digest foods and/or consuming a lot of liquid at the same time (slows down digestion).

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on December 28, 2012
at 05:24 PM

6 times a week is a crazy amount of volume and unless you are planning to win the crossfit games, I'd say you're over training. But that aside, I generally go into a WOD in a semi-fasted state. You don't want your body putting energy into digesting and processing food, you want the blood to be out feeding your muscles. For me that means a large lunch around noon and then my WOD is around 5:00. Play with timing and see what works for you.

As for post workout, that's when you want to slam some carbs to replenish your glycogen. I used to do it with a sweet potato immediately after the WOD (like as soon as I was no longer nauseated I'd eat). But I'm lazy now and don't want to plan ahead, so I just add a large potato for dinner on days that I have a high glycolytic (<7 min) workout. It's usually within an hour of finishing the WOD, so it all works out.

I don't know what to tell you if you're doing the longer (>15 min) mainsite beat down workout. I don't think those are very good for you and I don't know how to fuel them because I stay away from that.

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