Eating above macros occasionally?

Answered on April 07, 2014
Created April 07, 2014 at 3:01 AM

me2.jpgme1.jpgDoes the 80/20 rule also apply to days in which you hit your macros?

I recently started counting them. I workout daily, lifting heavy 4-5x/week, with 2-3 HIIT/plyometric days and 1-2x power yoga. I am a 16yo female, around 115lbs, 5'5.5".

My goal is to build muscle, not gain fat (if anything, lean out and lose some stomach fat.)

I eat clean, wholesome, healthy foods. If I want a treat, I make it healthy at home. I LOVE what I do... working out and cooking is MY passion, my love, my hobby. I want a career in it and love being committed more than most.

Anyways, I am feeling bad when I hit my macros for the day, but become hungry and eat over them by the end of the day. I have so far been tracking macros for 10 days, and 2 of those days I have gone over them.

I always hear that you have to be on track DAILY to see results, with macro counting. I have worked out for years, always eaten healthy. But I have yet to see the definition that I want. Since counting macros, I have felt the difference. But I am feeling bad the days I went over, like today, and am worried that I am going to seriously hinder my progress, training, and results. My results are more important to me than food.

I have been instructed by a trainer to slowly increase my carbs/fat a bit each week until I reach my maintenance intake, like reverse dieting. Especially since I was very underweight a bit over a year ago with disordered eating habits, I do NOT want to freak my metabolism out with super high calories and carbs.

Yet, I LOVE food and can EAT ALOT. I eat more than most people I know, more than my family combined.

My macros right now: 124 P, 185 C, 89 F

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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on April 07, 2014
at 03:46 AM

Answer: Chillax.

Stress from worrying about it probably worse than the issue itself.

Source: Today I ate lots of pizza and cake and it will not affect my weight or even wellbeing in the long term.

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