Cereal? Granola Bars? On-the-go Snack Foods?

Answered on September 03, 2015
Created September 01, 2015 at 4:41 PM

Trying to go Paleo and grains were pretty much my thing, I need some ideas for new Grab/On the go snack foods. I'm a college studen so the cheaper/easier the bettter. Especially if you can find items at Publix/Target. But Wholeoods is ok too.

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on September 03, 2015
at 04:23 PM

For snacks you don't have to cook, there's actually a lot on the market these days. There are crackers made with nuts/seeds (no grains), kale chips, seaweed snacks, veggie chips, and of course trail mix. I've also tried some bars that have nothing but dried fruit in them: "only fruit" or "just fruit" bars. They're delicious.



on September 02, 2015
at 05:50 PM

You can even eat grains to your heart content. All you need to do is sprout them, though there is a lot of chewing involved and some sprouts (like rice and corn) are just too tough. A three day sprout has lost all its enzime inhibitors, all the agglutinin in the germ, and still has 70-80% of its calories. If you eat sprout mixes with some rye or buckwheat there will be no phytates either. In my case though I prefer to load up on fats at meals to lessen the need for snacks. Examples are avocados, spoonfuls of lard in miso soup made with bone broth, and vegetables with a lot of olive oil.



on September 02, 2015
at 10:01 AM

Make your own jerkey (or better yet pemmican) if you have a dehydrator or an oven that can be set to very low.

Hard boilled eggs.

Cellery + carrots in a container a coller pack.

Nuts (but in small amounts)

Dark chocolate can be awesome if you don't overdo it.

You can make a sandwitch out of a cleaned out bellpepper halves.  Stuff it with cold cuts and sliced cheese if you do dairy.

You can buy rice paper or coconut wraps and use those in place of sandwitches.


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