Can it get any worse than poo for food?!?

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Japan makes meat out of poop… Burger, anyone?

I noticed this in the latest news: http://www.dailytech.com/Japanese+Make+Delicious+Nourishing+Steaks+From+Human+Feces/article21932.htm (For a good laught, note that part lower down where they mention this is supposed to be healthier than beef due to the lower fat content.)

Apparently the Japanese have figured out a way to extract amino acids from poop, flavor it with tofu (which also tastes bad!), and serve it as a food that supposedly taste like beef! What is worse, the poop amino acids or the tofu? Or maybe I'd rather just have the soylent green. Even though they never gave the exact recipe for soylent green, I'd guess it would be healthier. But overall, which would you rather eat, straight tofu, flavored poo aminos, or soylent green? (For those that don't know, Soylent green was a (hopefully) fictional food wafer in a famous fictional movie that was supposed to be made of plankton but turned out at the end of the film to be made out of ground up human corpses)



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Same discussion over here: http://paleohacks.com/questions/45350/japan-makes-meat-out-of-poop-burger-anyone#axzz1SiKHsXEo

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