Are garbage disposals good for the environment?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 04, 2013 at 4:23 AM

Because my garbage disposal is having problems, I was looking at various replacements and came across this claim:

A recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of common ways to dispose of food scraps reported that disposers can help reduce global warming potential vs. landfills and in some cases, can even aid in energy production at the wastewater treatment plant.

Is this true? I don't compost, so is this better than throwing food away in the trash?



on January 04, 2013
at 05:14 AM

The link: http://www.insinkerator.com/en-us/Household-Products/Garbage-Disposers/Environmental-Benefits/Pages/Default.aspx



on January 04, 2013
at 04:44 AM

Uhhhhhh, what?!

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on January 04, 2013
at 11:30 AM

compost pile for your garden is even better. sure the wwtp uses food solids to create energy in many cases. Your environmental impact is not leveraged on what you do with food scraps. Replace your disposal because it is handy to have one around.


on January 04, 2013
at 02:58 PM

No. Definitely not "good" for the environment.
As travis has suggested, you should be composting.

Of course, composting is just one facet of capturing beneficial waste streams and turning them into a new input. In the case of composting, it should become a new input into your garden or vermiculture bin.

When you throw nutrients away, in the form of food scraps, and send them into the sewer pipe you are actually robbing the next generations of crops of valuable nutrients that they expect to utilize.



on January 04, 2013
at 07:28 AM

Waste water gets put into anaerobic digesters. The more organic material it contains, the more gases will be produced.

(My brother designs these things)

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