According to Weston A. Price foundation extruded grains are extremely toxic- is this BS or is it true?

Answered on May 22, 2014
Created April 17, 2014 at 9:20 PM


WAP foundation mentions a book "Fighting the food giants", but the two studies about extruded cereals being toxic cannot be find anywhere to be verified, weird. Also the two studies by itself a very non standard, they seem very amateur. This whole claim by WAP foundation seem fishy.

What do you think.

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on May 22, 2014
at 11:01 PM

People in the WAPF are weird, they all respond in 6 months time. I asked WAPF 3 things in last 3 years and never got a response sooner than like 3 months.

The reason I was so interested in this because a discovered that rice pasta is made by extrusion cooking, it seems all gluten free pastas are made like that. Rice pasta manufacturers guard their manufacturing process as a secret so I am still unsure if that is safe, they dont actually fully damage rice with extrusion heat, since its still has to be cooked. But even if it was eating it seldomly wont kill you most probably.

But I think I believe Sally Fallon on the extruded cereals. but she did say that gluten free pasta extrusion is not bad because temperatures are lower.

Here is a youtube on her talking about the extruded cereals, judge for yourself:



on April 18, 2014
at 11:52 AM

May be but I avoid grains anyway . They aren't particularly natural. You can't pluck them off a tree and eat them. Natural is usually best.

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on April 18, 2014
at 10:28 AM

Much as I despise dry breakfast cereals this is BS. A bunch of Sally's Luddite platitudes about the good old days, with very little supporting evidence. Extrusion of cereal paste isn't that much different from just cooking the paste like porridge, or rolling oats. Either way you convert the undigestible starch into digestible. The difference between boiling oatmeal and the extruded flakes is the additives in the paste not the processing.



on April 17, 2014
at 10:41 PM

You know when they want to say things along the lines of 'they are keeping the real research out of the journals!' you know they're full of BS. WAP is not a scientific society, they have a clear agenda.



on April 17, 2014
at 09:40 PM

As far as I'm concerned, if they're grains, they shouldn't be eaten, extruded or otherwise. :)

If you're that curious, you could ask for copies of those studies.

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