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Answered on December 09, 2015
Created December 09, 2015 at 7:43 AM

I have been having some health issues since a year and a half ago when I took a 5 month trip to SE asia and ended up getting sick quite a few times as well as picking up a parasite (E. Histolytica). In the trip took a couple rounds of anti-biotics, some anti-parasite for the bug and than later that year got sick twice, once i took two antibiotics, and once I didn't.

Anyway I noticed that my fatigue had been steadily increasing as well as my allergies and I was spending some days mostly in bed (I am 24). At the time I was living in spain and had to come back home because I was having some severe neurological reactions to food that would cause burning in my skin, extreme fatigue, and would temporarily feel like I was autistic (inability to communicate with multiple people, process multiple inputs).

At first I thought it was just the rice I was eating so cut out starches but eventually started reacting to all kinds of foods, most recently coconut and chicken, the later actually caused me to have some involuntary muscle spasms afterwards for about 20-40 minutes.

I have seen a slew of doctors, Infectious disease doc, a couple GI docs, endocrinoligist and most recently a neurologist.

The only things found so far have been SIBO (the third type of bacteria as my test was flatline), as well as a blastocystis parasite and a strange Aeromonas bacteria.

I have brought my diet down to an AIP type diet and my food reaction list still seems to go up and the reactions can be extremely severe such as the involuntary twitching and at times even an inability to understand basic questions.

I do take a probiotic every day, some vitamin c helps as well as green vegetable juices.

I was just curious to see if anyone has any advice on this, or have dealt with a similar situation?

Could this be me reacting to foods, or some sort of reaction to the digestive process itself as some foods can be fine one day and bother me the next.

Anyway, any help is appreciated as this has really taken a huge toll on my life currently and am only able to do a few things each day.



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on December 09, 2015
at 06:58 PM

Hey Raydawg,


Thanks for the response.  


What are your thoughts on fixing the underlying issue that caused SIBO?  My doc suggested motility drugs after that antibiotics.


Also I had taken some wormwood last year and apparently got the additional parasite after.



on December 09, 2015
at 11:13 AM

First things, first: kill off the parasites and fix the SIBO, after that, heal your gut - it's probably leaky, rebuild your gut flora which was damaged by antibiotics.  Sadly SIBO will require more antibiotics, whether in the form of modern medicine or a set of essential oils.

You can kill off most parasites with a formula that contains wormwood and green walnut extracts.





To heal a leaky gut, you'll need to eat lots of bone broth, and use L-Glutamine.

To rebuild your gut flora you can use Dr. Grace Liu's "Bionic Fiber" protocols.  see this entire series of posts and their comments:  http://drbganimalpharm.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-cure-sibo-small-intestinal-bowel_18.html but the basic protocol is one tablespoon each of a high ORAC greens powder, acacia, inulin, green banana/plantain flour.




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