Histamines and: blended, aerated, or chopped "left-overs", and freezing . . .

Asked on March 20, 2013
Created March 20, 2013 at 2:11 PM

It just occurred to me last night that despite keeping a rigorous and detailed food log, I wasn't paying attention to food preparation methods and possible bacterial contamination.

For example, I normally do big cooking in the morning to avoid high histamines in "left-overs". I'd pressure cook a chicken for breakfast & lunch, and make green smoothies in my vitamix (super-high speed blender) for later in the day at work.

Though I was trying hard to spot patterns in what smoothie ingredients might be causing problems, I now wonder if high speed blending, and aerating (whipping tons of air into the smoothie) and consuming it 12 hours later is a terrible idea from a histamine perspective.

Though I "clean" the blender container by adding a tiny bit of dish soap and rinsing it out with warm water after each use, it doesn't go in the dishwasher and I'm sure it isn't sterile.

I'm wondering if the bacteria on the non-sterile blender, combined with whipping air, imperfect temperature control (ice pack in transit & work fridge not exactly in the safe temp zone) would increase histamine production as it degrades the proteins in the milk and other ingredients.

Twice recently I had bad reactions to these 12-hour old smoothies.

Likewise, I've read that ground meat is higher in histamines because the grinding process creates much more surface area for the bacteria to work on in degrading the meat. Lately, I've been getting chuck roasts instead of ground chuck.

I will now focus on only making single serve smoothies when I'm ready to enjoy them right away.

I think I'm going to do my big cooking at night and freeze beef/chicken/bone broth into meal-ready portions which I could transport frozen to work and microwave there.

Any food prep tips from a histamine perspective would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

PS: Note to self: I'm going to break my food log into AM & PM (two entries for each day) in hopes of spotting timing trends. Previously, I had one box for foods and I would just list the smoothie ingredients, along with breakfast, and lunch so it didn't jump out at me that what I had for dinner I prepared 12 hours earlier. I think I'll also add a column to indicate left-overs, or age of the food. Maybe I'll add a column for food prep tools (like my vitamix).

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