On Paleo, AIP Protocol, FODMAP, and STILL Asthma!

Commented on August 16, 2015
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Hi Paleo Hacks community,

I'm at my wits end.  About 3 years ago I had a massive anaphylactic asthma attack that sent me to the ER.  Long story short, I found out I was highly allergic to gluten (even trace amounts would cause asthma.) So I went gluten-free, and eventually Paleo.  I was also mostly meat-free, and my diet was high in nuts of all kinds, peanuts, eggs, coconut, and fruit.  I gradually began to react to all kinds of foods (mild to moderate asthma developing within 1-5 minutes of having eaten a problematic food--yes, it happens that quickly.) I became allergic to dairy, beans/grains of all kinds, and then strangely... sugar.  All kinds of sugar--honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, molasses, etc.  I began to get nauseous after eating, and got violently sick with vomiting after consuming several AIP unsafe foods (though I didn't know anything about AIP at the time.)  Recently, I had a major asthma attack after I ate a tomato (after 6 months of avoiding them, from a suspected nightshade allergy.)  I also had cashew butter, which I also hadn't had for 6 months.  A severe lip rash broke out. 

I have always struggled with constipation, and several years ago began to supplement with magnesium (Natural Calm.) This helped me, and for about a year I was fine.  Since my latest flare-up however, no amount of magnesium is helping.  I can go nearly a week (painfully) without a bowel movement.  I did a ton of research and discovered the AIP protocol, so I got rid of all the nuts, peanuts, eggs, and coconut products in my diet.  I began to eat meat again, and lots of vegetables.  I have been following the AIP for about 3 weeks.

The asthma, in fact, got worse.  Almost everytime I ate I had moderate asthma.  I also continued to have outbreaks of painful rashes on my lips.  After more research, I discovered the FODMAP protocol.  So for about 2 weeks I've been following that, and eliminated all garlic, onions, and unsafe vegetables and fruits.  This limited my diet even further.  I began to find that I have asthma even with "safe" foods, such as small amounts of canned coconut milk, pineapple and fruit of all kinds, and squash.  Raw carrots also seem to cause asthma.  Now, my diet is severly limited to salmon, chicken, AIP-safe herbs, sea salt, kale, cooked carrots, turnips, and lettuce.  I buy organic whenever I can, but I can't afford grassfed beef/red meat.  I've heard bone broth is high in FODMAPs, and I cannot bring myself to eat organ meats (vomiting/food aversion... this is why I was meat-free for so long; I do not like meat.) 

It is to the point that it doesn't matter what I eat; asthma happens.  Even if I drink some water after the asthma has calmed down--it instantly flares up again.  (We have filtered well water and we've had it tested.)  I have asthma also with all kinds of chemicals, perfumes, smoke, frangrances, and personal care products, so I now use only castille soap and natural butters/oils/essential oils for all of my housecleaning and personal care products.  We are "all-natural" in nearly every way possible.  I've scheduled a consultation with a naturopathic physician, but have not met with her yet.  I've been trying to do everything in my power to recover in the meantime.

My daily supplements are: Natural Calm magnesium, Vit. C (1,000mg) Vit D3 (5,000iu) B12 (methylcobalamin, 500mg) kelp/iodine (225mg) selenium (100mg) Prescript-Assist SBO probiotics, DGL (licorice) extract, fish(salmon) oil (2,500mg) zinc (25mg.)

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  The asthma does seem to be mostly triggered by what I eat, and environmental exposure to fumes/ etc.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

Kind regards, Mia

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4 Answers


on August 15, 2015
at 08:09 PM

You might want to try to balance your immune system using NuMedica's PRP spray.  It is used to reduce allergic responses and also for auto-immune conditions.  The RPR spray would be beneficial for the accute symtoms.  The Colostrum powder would help heal your small intestine where most of the inflammatory reaction is happening.  Hope this helps you.  Asthma is listed in Dr. Keech's book  Peptide ImmunoTherapy.  This can certainly NOT hurt!!!!



on August 16, 2015
at 04:33 AM

Thank you Clare, I appreciate your suggestions.  I hadn't heard of PRP spray or colostrum powder; going to look into it. :)


on August 15, 2015
at 01:04 AM

I've struggled with asthma all my life, and saw improvements on the Paleo AIP diet, but had to eliminate several foods that I reacted too. Have you had allergy testing for other asthma triggers? I'm allergic to pollen, mold, dust, dogs, natural dyes and fragrances, etc. I saw improvement in my digestion when I took steps to limit these "environmental" allergies. I also agree with coyote_1 that toxins can be a factor, especially in your food. I have allergy symptoms after eating sweet potatoes, but a lot less after eating organic sweet potatoes. Pork is also a problem for me, but a friends apple-fed pig (no commercial feed) didn't cause any symptoms. After my MD's essentially told me they had no idea how to treat me, I was able to get a lot of relief from my symptoms from accupunture. Western medicine is only 1 approach to solving health problems, espeically complicated ones. 

Hope you're improving. 



on August 16, 2015
at 04:36 AM

Hi Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear that you've struggled with asthma, too.  Acupuncture is certainly worth a try.  I have not had official allergy testing, as it mostly seemed to be manageable with diet, until recently.  I recently discovered an eliminiation diet called the Failsafe Diet, which addresses salicylates, histamines/amines, and glutamates, with often plague astmatics.  It seems promising; so I'm going to give it a try.



on August 13, 2015
at 03:06 PM

Thank you very much for your kind reply. :)  These are great suggestions, and have given me several things to consider.  All of this may very well be the result of toxin accumulation in the body, and after a bit more research I think I may have an additional salicylate sensitivity, which seems to be strongly linked with food-triggered asthma.  I'll also look into the SCD lifestyle...thank you again.


on August 13, 2015
at 08:53 AM

My dear, you're a tough case! That's a good idea to be followed by a wise doctor or health practitioner, I hope she will help you :)

I'm really into ayurveda and I like to see any disease in the ayurvedic perspective, it can help if you want to see things differently.

According to ayurveda, most diseases are the results of an accumulation of toxins in the body. Your asthma can be triggered by polluants in your environment but after reading your message it seems clear that you got to work on your digestion first! Your gut is probably inflammed, that explains you have many allergies and it won't get better until you heal your gut. Your digestive fire helps you to transform your food into nutrients, if it's very weak you don't absorb the food, it doesn't nourish you, instead it accumulates in your body as toxins.

if I were you I would do my best to get a strong digestive fire. Your naturopathic physician will surely help you there. You can get inspiration from ayurveda and chinese medecine which provides lots of tips to optimize the digestion, small things that make big differences in the long run, some basics.

The SCD diet could help you (check this to have an idea of what it is : http://scdlifestyle.com/about-the-scd-diet/) but please listen to your gut first, it knows better :)

Good luck!

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